Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quick Note - Taking a break & Wishes to all Readers

Hey all...I guess I got to apologize for my absence being for almost one month now...and it's only because I'm really caught up so much with work and my personal arrangements and plans which left hardly any time for's pathetic really. If you wanna believe it or not.
There were quite some few events happening lately such as my sister homecoming from UK with family which I've taken lot's of pictures but have not gotten any time to upload here!!!!! Arghh...anyways, I will need to take a break as for now till when I get back on my 2 feets and find ways to release myself free to be able to write again...till then chao..ppl. I hope to be back here real soon and thanks all for whomever that is a silent supporter or reader or whatever you may be towards my blog. Happy New Year 2009 and Merry Christmas in advance! :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Big Makan again Oriental Pavillion @ PJ

I think this is just my second visit to this restaurant ..and I could hardly remember how the food was back it's good to do another re-visit usual, I can't wait to settle myself with all the food and the tought of it just made me so hungryyy...It's a very posh place in fact with perfect setting and environment..service was really fast despite the large pool of customers...:) You don;t need to raise up your hand to call the waiters as each table has this service button where you can press and in just seconds there will be someone to attend to you..Food was well prepared and tasted good as well..Only setback was it's more pricey compared to other medium class restaurants.. As usual we ordered so much food ranging from peking duck their signature dishes, Prawns with Maiyonasse style and Cream Honeydew as side dressing, Brocolli stir fry with garlics, Sweet and Sour fish slices since it's always my sister's son this is a must as not to dissapoint him..haha.., Pork ribs, and Noodles as usual.

I've been spending most of my time snapping away especially my sister's son who is the centre of attaction as always - the star of every event that we had. Food wise was quite up to satisfactory..just that the pork ribs was way too fatty. practically you are just eating the chunks of saturated fat layers that makes up the entire pork rib itself..yucckss..not a fan of that I didnt even touch one bit of it!! :D The rest was fine...few days back I got my sister's son a gift so as it's something which will edge in his memory on his very visit to Malaysia with us..since I wouldn't know by then when he would be coming down again after could be when he is a teenage boy then! I was worried that he would not be able to recqonise this little aunt and evrything fades off quickly....:( Besides..this is some is something which I wanted to do all along..since he was so much addicted into the Gadget crazy stuffs like Nintendo games..I bought him the Edge card with a 2GB memory where he will have over more than 30 games downloaded to that chip which at first he only had like 3 miserable ones. haha. He loved it soo much..He was indeed one spoilt kid for his age and lucky one too! I don't think anyone his age could have such a luxury with games, toys and so many other stuffs to play with. The western age and technology terms are way much different than in Malaysia's so obvious which you can notice it especially when it comes to their education. He is suppose to do a presentation back in UK school to share his knowledge and experience while in Malaysia. . .wow..I was speechless after knowing that..:O

well, anyway the total billa mount came up to about RM 260 roughly..which is expected since it's quite a large crowd. I don't think it's that pricey though so long as food is good. :) Burrp,,,again...Im so full right up my throat..haha..on our way out the entrance, we took another few shots for remembrance and so happen there was this little girl around his age or younger maybe walked near my sister's son where he was playing with his toys just bought from Mid Valley..the little girl approached him extending her hands, wanting to grab his toys was so funny..I regretted not having to record a video during that time..he was so stunned up and gave a grin not knowing what exactly to react .... was so fun watching little kids and I wished I was back to those old younger days again..:P

Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Dinner Gathering with sister and family @ Golden Dragon City Restaurant, Kota Kemuning

It's been such an exciting event on Sat, october 25th itself as we were waiting for this day to come after being several years of not seeing my sister and family living in UK and this time they will be bringing their son together home...It's such a precious moment especially during these 2 they could not extend their stay longer than that due to work and school semester break which is coming to an end's sad knowing that their stay is gonna be that short as there's too much to catch up and too little time left in hand...:( Time really flies as it has been already one week past now and the first week I was still working over my end since there's too much of a fuss and hassle taking leaves and asking for approval..But thank god, the second week I suceeded in taking off for the whole least there will be time for me to chat up with my sister and hopefully it will. It has been a busy week every single day as they were pretty much occupied with activities, trips and dinner almost every day till a time where it's kinda hard having to sqeeze in our time for any solid conversation...furthermore it's gonna be harder with their 6 yr old son ...

Anyway, this restaurant has also been my very first visit since it's where my youngest sister work's a golf club resort in Kota Kemuning area meant for rich and well to do folks living nearby that area obviously...the place loooks really posh and the facilities like the gym is situated at a very scenic and good spot facing the swimming pool's definitely a relaxing place to be in..but i doubt that anyone who could be utilising the golf arena if not for the middle aged men and women basically at least over 30's to 40's range..haha...There's this restaurant called Golden Dragon City and inside setting really look classic and were actually not bad at all, but service I admitted was rather we waited for every single serving for at least 20 min to half an hour despite the fact that there weren't much customers during that time! After all, it's still a good dinner for long as we truly enjoyed the company of my sister and especially their smart and mischiveous little boy whom never failed to entertain us with his moves, play and talk! He seriously talk like an adult and I bet he would grow up to be a handsome and smart man in 5-6 years time down the road...He has a very strong englishman ascent when he speaks which I don't have this difficulty hearing the conversation when it's with my sister's husband..suprise huh...:S

Well, basically to cut the story short, we ordered 2 plates of noodles since the whites do not appreciate our staple food which is rice ..hahaha..and food like butter prawns, sweet and sour fish , Steamed fish , vegetables, roasted duck , fried fish slices dipped in Thai authentic sauce which is really spicy..and sorry for some of the pictures which will be missing since I was just too focus on eating since I was really hungry ..haha..and some of the shots were also taken when it has been half way touched..:D The total amount came up to RM 254 including taxes and chinese tea..well, it's actually worth it since we ordered a lot of dishes in fact and in a table of 10!! was a fullfilling meal nevertheless and we were quite satisfied anyhow. :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant - Birthday celebration with Dear

It has always been a very special day for me when it comes to my dearest birthday but at the same time it had been also a big headache planning on where, what and how to give him a suprise and make it as special as it could be.. As usual, thank god I had one burden less off my shoulder when it comes to gifts since every year , it will be transformers for him until to a point I felt it's nothing extraordinary...anyway, what else can I do? when it's just gonna bring smiles and laughter to him the moment he receives this. . . I had been sitting on a fence for quite long on deciding where to take him for dinner...western? Eastern? Chinese? or what? pheww...We wanted to go Cave restaurant at first, but then due to convenience in travelling, choice of food and environment wise, somehow that doesn't materialise. Western is just a no no for him since it will be too filling till the extent that he won;t enjoy the meal already. In the end, we picked and go for healthy food as usual which usually falls for Japanese else Korean!! haha.

We went to this branch at Sri Hartamas and it's also being my first time as well..It turns out not bad thankfully! But it's really weird initially as we need to remove our shoes below the staircase before going up the place...there are also metal look alike "chimneys" hanging up from the ceiling on every table seatings...which I don;t know what the hell it is at first..but then it has a purpose..the stove area which is meant for grilling and cooking will emmits out smoke which will then be absorbed up the chimneys to clear the air and reduce greasiness..Brilliant huh!? :D As for the food, it is more or less like the standard Korean style with either steamboat style or individual servings of noodle and rice...But I think their main attraction is the steamboat style. Service was really good as there will be enough staffs catered to look after and give a helping hand on the grilling part and practically serve us without having us to worry about cooking it ourselves as there could be a thousand and one ways of proper cooking. It might be disastrous if we are left to ourselves with that part..hahaha. The readily grilled pork was not just as simple as popping it in your mouth and eat but there were more to it..Dipped the grilled pork with their sesame oil sauce with fried shallots, a piece of garlic with their special Korean sauce and some thin shreds of look alike vegetables which tasted sour slightly...After having all these in place, you just need to wrap it tightly and firmly with lettuce and da ta!! It's ready for eating but you gotta popped in one go into your mouth to really enjoy!! :D It's really a whole new experience of actually having to taste original Korean food. Yummy....The total bill amount came up to RM 90 for two and I think it's still worth it though it's a bit pricey but on occasion like this, it's just no regrets at all. I will definitely visit here again and it's not going to be our last. :) The staffs there are Koreans without doubt and friendly as well. Environment is cosy and comfortable.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

John King Egg Tarts

The other day we went to One Utama for some shopping and came across this small stall selling lot's of pastries which seems to claim that all their pastries recipe are originated from Hong Kong...To testify the truth, we decided to check it out since the area was crowded with people stopping by to make their orders. . My bf loves egg tarts , so he is just like a guinea pig sent by me to do some experiment on these. haha..Well, the verdict was, the pastry crusts on the outer layer was fragrant, soft and appetising. However, the egg fillings was not as good as some other places which he had eaten before. So, that's the feedback. :P I'm personally not a favourite fan of egg tarts, and will only have some if only I'm so hungry and there's no any other choices left for me to choose. . Yummy yum yum..anyhow it's still a nice try and go have some for tea breaks or supper perhaps!! :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Voltron Force...

Time is so close towards my dear's birthday and since the real date falls on weekday, sadly we knew that we can't celebrate it due to different working shift hours I decided to give him suprises and treat all long before his actual birthday and I think it's kinda good news for him since he has been longing for this Voltron masterpiece since he was a kid but could only watch and eyes turn green with envy seeing other kids having all the 5 lion collection pisces where he could only owned 2 of the complete set after having to save up money on his own. I wanted to fullfill his wish, hence I happily offer to buy it for him. He was all in smile and jumping in joy - Seeing him really made me look into the eyes of a young boy grinning with contentment while fiddling, meddling and playing childishly with his cute 5 pisces of lions ready to transform into the Voltron soldier..haha.

I can't imagine how much toys I've bought for him, but in a way it is such a relief knowing what to buy instantly when it is approaching his birthday every year! hahaha. I think he has got so many collections by now basically transformer models and masterpiece that it's high time he buy a nice glass cabinet to proudly display his precious things! :P But it's really such a classic toy and has splendid colour combination which makes it more attractive compared to transformers...they even had the metal version which costs RM 600!! But his, is the plastic version which is just as good in fact since it's really no point cutting throat just to fork out that much money for toys cos it aint gonna be worth it anymore... :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eating German Sausages @ Euro Deli Shop, Damansara

It was just one of the many Sundays which my bf suggested something out of the norm...He wanted me to try the german sausages at one of the restaurant in KL itself..after having to browse through several websites , frankly I came up with several different outlets which claim to serve just as good German sausages...haha..There's no way of you verifying the genuinety and originality of sausages termly branded as being Germanish. After some consideration, he finally pointed out this shop which is what he meant after having to lay out several restaurants which he failed to distinguish! haha..funny huh..Since, its also my first visit here knowing that furthermore there was really quite some good review about this place, I was kinda excited with the idea. SO there we go..heading off to KL only to realise that the shop is closed during lunch hour and will only open starting 5pm to 11pm . so we were left hanging as we have at least about 5 hrs more to go and didnt know what we can do to laze our precious 5 hours just for this restaurant, we then decided to go to their other branch at Damansara Kim, SS20/11. The direction was really tricky as it is somewhat located in one of the many back lanes in the housing area and hidden. So you will just need to play around by driving few rounds and trying out the lanes leading there, but you will definitely find it eventually.

It's really less impressive in terms of their main branch in KL and smaller . So the place inside was kinda small but unexpectedly, it turns out to be a large crowd and incoming customers as soon as the other group left . So business seems really good even on Sunday late evening. The shop is quite a cosy and a peaceful spot to have a quiet uninterrupted dinner or lunch..Staffs are friendly and I don't think they look like local people...and they have a chef who is as huge as an ogre and he must be a german. haha. We tried German beer and also sausages of different types ..he had Pork's so much so thick even in small chunks and rather salty..but the smell of roast pork just barbecued from the hot oven was just too's really not bad. But I'm just too filled up to my throat as everything is "pork meat". .! Anyway I do enjoyed my meal and also the beer...It's smooth and soothing. :P Total bill amount came up to RM 82 inclusive of Service and Tax charges.

Euro Deli Shop S/B
No: 41, SS20/11 , Damansara Kim PJ
Contact Number : 03-77267495

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eating out @ Shikiya Restaurant at Plaza Low Yat, KL was another one of my visit to KL again and usually it was not because of having to scout for toys, IT gadgets and finding for new places to dine, I don't think I have anything to do with KL since travelling alone nearly take one hour depending on traffic condition. This place has been so far the first I've been has the usual range of Japanese set and individual plates but since I was really hungry and didn't wanna walk too far off after a long and tiring day..There are quite a number of restaurants at ground floor of Plaza Low Yatt and quite good ones as well. Seriously, KL was rather a big area with too many small and short cut lanes and lot's of eateries where you could enjoy good and cheap food ..just that you don't know how and where sometimes...hehe...:) I can't really recalled the price of these food that I've ordered but I can safely say it's fairly reasonable and tasty. The fried onions dipped with flour was really yummy as it's fragrant and tempting. The Salmon fish that goes with the rice was really appetising as well since the gravy which goes with the grilled salmon fish was a bit sour sweet with a tinch of lemon. He had the usual noodle with seaweed soup nothing which is uncommon. It's a worth place for eating if you are finding for a different typical Japanese restaurant for a change.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lovelyy Gifts all the way from Hong Kong....

Recently my sister just came back from Hong Kong and she bought lots of cute and wonderful gifts for us ...It is strange to know why gifts over out from Malaysia always seem so different and pleasing to the eyes..I was so thrilled and excited and particularly so captivated with all these cute stuffs .. Sigh..I wanna go Hong Kong and I must ensure that this is a surely dream come true by year 2009 no matter what it takes even if it means digging out all my hard earn money and splash it on a one time trip. I'm planning to cover not only in Disneyland and Hong Kong but also Shenzen.. hehe..:P Meantime, let's have a look at all these wonderful gifts and even those candies and tit bits packing looks so cutee. I even get to taste their Hong Kong famous "Lo Por Peng" and its yummy delicious. haha..:D Basically I was so enthrilled with the accesorries stand which is carved and shaped into a womenly figure with hooks at the top for you to hang up your ear rings...according to my sister it is bought from the famous "Lui Yan Kai"'s a place or a name of the street where these were bought from. Whereas the candies and biscuits together with the cups, fridge magnets and pillows were basically bought from Disneyland itself.