Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eating at Uncle John Kopitiam, Summit USJ

We heard so many of the usual naming conventions which some of it appeared to be dully copycats of each other when it comes to restaurant names isnt it?? It's a bit funny recently when we simply visited this corner for lunch inside Summit shopping complex..the name of the place called Uncle John Kopitiam. Instantly it strikes me that this must be another one of the usual Old Town Kopitiam, F1 station cafe. What does Uncle John actually means? Does it give any significance to the place at all? I could only guess that probably the owner of this restaurant is definitely in his mid 30-40s, bald and his name is John. haha..:D Else why the hell did Uncle John come into the picture suddenly? Nevertheless, the funny & weird name of this restaurant which has a design similar of the Old Town Kopitiam made me curious and wanted to go check it out. . hehe..I would like to know what has this place got to offer in their menu and if it tasted good which can outshine the other copycats around in town. :)

Oh yeah, by the way we were just doing nothing there in fact. Thinking of grabbing any movie screened that day which we have not watched just for fun and to pass our time away. . We ended up with The Chronicles of Narnia which is a huge and silliest mistake cos the movie was dry, nothing extraordinary from the first episode and no thrills or excitement at all which keeps you glued to the screen. It's kinda plain without any twist, which I fully understood why my bf could fall asleep in between quiet moments except for the conversation going on. He told me, wake me up only when there's a battle. haha. :D Anyway back to that place we visited..I ordered their recommended curry chicken mee which I regretted since it's so spicy hot and oily due to the amount of santan floating up the soup surface and it's really thick and filling. There's few pisces of chicken - skinny and bony ones with hardly any meat. :P The taste is fine , nothing to shout about but it's something which wont make me smile with satisfaction after eating. As for his one, he ordered salted chicken rice. Well, it's at least better than mine since it's more pleasing to the eyes and healthier. The salted chicken piece is a bit too small but it tasted good with rice.

Fearing that we have not had enough, we ordered their special wan tan which we tought and expected it to be in soup, but turn out it's fried. Sigh..but it's okay. It's nice but there's really nothing more you hope for. It's so called "special" in their menu but it's just to attract customers to order them , coming to think of it. The fact is that it's not's just normal. :P We had our late lunch which could be our dinner that day since it's already 5pm. As the movie itself is nearly 3 hours long ! Phew..we were so glad that it ended finally. haha..Thank goodness that we didnt leave half way through the screening and presevere till the end. Anyway, its better off watching in DVD - thats my suggestion. The meal we had was rather cheap as it's only RM 27 including tax charges. If you are hanging around in may wanted to go try it out yourself.

Restaurant Uncle John Kopitiam Infinity Cafe
LG 42-1, 42, 43 Summit Subang,
USJ 1, 47600 Subang Jaya
Contact Number : 03-8024 7287

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello again...

It's back again after a week rest and be truthful I know I have not been on track and very much backlog with updates for my blog..but life has been rather hectic and crazy for me. Especially at work. It's SDR hell week every beginning of the month and this time around, there were lot's of complications which caused massive complications and delay cos' the report server is down and not stable resulting to incorrect datas. This relates to what a splendid & good move from the UK side to schedule for Magic upgrade globally right before the SDR week !! Dammn..excellent move which is also brainless and stupid. It causes so much difficulties for us all and we gotta end up rushing for our reports completion , trying to push hard in meeting deadlines which in the end, could only be extended 2 days! Sigh....Apart from that, it's very much a mellow and slow paced weeks for me recently, dealing with ups and downs of life prospects currently....I'm starting to pick up a good and healthy hobby lately which I swear to god it has never struck me before and I knew I never will. Cooking!! hahaha. I love food, love to eat and try out new exciting food and places, but when it comes to making and cooking my own food, I'm just so lazy to lift a finger on it. hehehe..:P I hated to admit it myself but denial is not for sake of forgiving myself as I know sooner or later when I have a family, this is one of my most important mission as a dedicated and responsible mother for her husband and children.

Since, I know nuts and had very minimal experience and knowledge about cooking, I tought of starting off slowly with soups!!! :D Chinese folks since our old ancestors and ancient times, had lots of soup varieties and recipes invented from home itself. Many of it, has traditional herbs and can be a remedy for illnesses such as flue, body heat, cleansing & detoxification which proves it's effectiveness. It's easy and simple enough to prepare and it also takes a new begginner, learning from scratch to master and appreciate it instantly! The usual ones are like Yok Choy soup, ABC (my mom calls it that since its made up of potatoes, carrots rich in vitamins and minerals for the eyes), and so many more actually. It's time we cut down on outside food as if consume largely it may be harmful to our body in a long run. . So that's when learning how to cook at home turns out beneficial and helps you save money..isnt it?? :)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eating fastfood burger at A&W

Hmmm..I think it has been ages since I ever actually did tried out A&W..and sadly this fastfood chain outlet stands in still and quiet compared to their bigger competitor like Mc Donalds...I wondered why since I discovered that A&W actually tasted so much better in a way especially when it comes to their Root Beer drink with Vanilla ice cream toppings , burgers and their fries. . Perhaps the reason could be I'm just too bored of eating Mc Donalds already.. haha. I think there's hardly any A&W outlets available in Malaysia. It's probably high time they should encourage more publicity to the public and create some awareness as an eye opener to the people that A&W has got what it takes! As for me, I think there will be more frequent visits to here in future whenever I feel like having their root beers. :P So far there is one over at IOI Mall, Puchong and if I'm not wrong last time I used to see another at Sunway area. Not sure about now. We ordered beef burger with cheese for myself and him, chicken burger. Apart from that I wanted their curly fries. Yummy yum yum!..:P The taste somehow has it's own uniqueness from Mc Donalds in a way where I don't know how to describe it. Oh yeah...Total bill amount only came up to RM 24 inclusive of drinks and tax charges. After the meal, we headed up to catch the Indiana Jones movie which lasted 2 solid hour long! But it's indeed a worthwhile movie to go for as it never fails to keep you in suspense! Make sure yu never miss it.
Location : Im sure it's pretty easy to locate since it's just inside of IOI Mall, Puchong.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weeks Of Silence..

So sorry there that it has been some moment of silence ever since I last updated my blog. Been rather practically down to earth recently due to some personal matters and coupled by various reasons..I just hope there will be more shine and life in here soon once everything sorted out..I dont know for how long it will take, but Ill promise I'll try to shout out once in a while and keep things going and moving ok!? Lot's of plans, strategies and discussions going on this year itself till whole of next year and still keeping fingers cross that everything will turn out fine and smooth!
Work has been so far okay, still under control right after the change of shift to normal ones. But gonna be the first day I'm trying hands on at Change Requests monitoring which is said to be rather challenging and time consuming. I'm telling myself bring it on! There's no way that there is nothing I couldnt handle..Just let keep the positive spirit up and never to crash it down. That's how life goes on eh. This year itself, I'm seeing myself going on 2 trips . One would be a FREE OF CHARGE trip to Bali for the second time (sponsor by our company) and the second will be most likely to Thailand with my sister who will be coming down from UK with husband and son. Hopefully next year there will be something installed too and that it will be a better year ahead as well. There wont be as much postings on food for the time being unfortunately to break this news :( (sob sob)..since i wont be able to have a constant amount of spare time to use for writing and uploading and secondly it's somehow a saving period for us both for our bigger future plan soon..hehe.....:)

Anyhow, nevertheless I must say a big thank you to those out there whom keep supporting and reading my blog and of cos I do really hope when I return, it's gonna be fully charge, energetised and bringing in much more bigger and stronger impact to you readers which you will be able to see from the change and leap of every aspects of my life...for the better or worse. :P Okay, I sounded like I'm retiring from my blogging hobby , but don't misunderstand totally ok. I'm just being dormant a while with less activities and updates here but that doesnt mean I'm stopping entirely yeah!!! cheerios.. :D

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Buying myself a new set of earphone..

It is rather strange that Im seeing myself buying another new set of earphone for no apparent reason to believe for since I already had one which I'm using it for's actually a Philip brand which came originally when I bought the discman..last time it has been a craze period of music indulgence and besides discman was rather popular at that time.. But nothing is as perfect and fits in comfortably to the ear except for the bulky huge headset which usually DJs will use it for. This has also perfect sound stereo system and whatever noise disturbance from the outside has no interference with your music listening. Cool eh..:P But I just hated it for one single thing that is it's just too bulky and heavy. I cant wear it out to work as it's gonna be so obviously seen and besides it is also inconvenient if you plan to wear it to sleep for pleasure listening during the night or for even long hours of usage. Isnt it?That explains why I settled for an almost similar set of earphone again just that it's a different brand/'s pretty cheap since I bought it at Low Yatt with just RM 28 ..HAHA..just that i'm looking for a change in having a different earphone appearance and perhaps something which fits in more comfortably than my current one. haha..But still I agree its kinda waste of money as both serves the same exact purpose and even if there were any difference, it's merely minimal ! :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lunch at Mr Teppanyaki, Low Yatt Plaza-KL

I'm pretty excited about today since it's gonna be the first time I will be going over to Pavillion shopping mall at KL..It's been a delayed plan initially due to many reasons and main part of it is the distance and time. . So finally...the day has come..hehe:P but before that, we need to shop a bit for some IT gadgets there since it's just about ten minutes walk distance. How could we miss this place anyway especially when we are already in KL right? I got myself a new set of earphone which just acts as a spare to my current one..I'll talk about it soon in my later post yeah..:P As for him, he needs to get a mouse hand rest hehe...since he has been complaining of bruised wrist after using the PC and mouse for 12 hours plus ! There were like so plenty of people that day since it's weekend and as usual .. I wanted to look out for another new external HDD but since we were not exactly having plenty of time to shop with leisure, we need to head off to Pavillion before too late in the evening. .

Pavillion was really nothing extraordinary seriously, since it's just like the sisterly design of KLCC perhaps and it's really huge and spacious. Shops consisting of both posh and normal shops like where we have it at Sunway , etc ..and guess what?? I managed to even get myself a pair of skinny leg fit jeans from Dorothy Perkins..Hurray!! At least it's worth it with having a pair of sore feet and pain endurance of walking over here. haha..:D Other than that, business is rather dry and not much of an activity happening around. This time visit served as an eye opener of how Pavillion looks like. But I knew it for sure that there wont be quite some many re-visits back here unless if I happen to pass by around that area in KL. . :) Well, talking back on our lunch review at Low Yatt, we stopped by at a pathway corner stall which is said to be very famous for it's Fish Ball dipped in Curry Gravy and other stuffings. You will definitely notice crowds filling up that area whenever you happen to stop there. So don't miss it ok! It's yummy ball tasted fresh, spongy and delicious since the curry flavouring has already been absored right in after few hours of boiling. Slurp**

We ate at Teppanyaki and it's just an ordinary restaurant which we have tried previously but since there's nothing much to our liking there, so we decided to have it here and quickly fill in our hungry stomaches. haha. The place seems quiet too with very few customers around unusually. One thing weird which I noticed is why do they have so many indian staffs and cook when it comes to Japanese cooking ? The place do have a nice ambience except that it was spoilt with the noisy tamil music background in high volume coming just from above our heads ..the damn TV. For heaven sake, cant they switch it to a more standard programme or music ? Put on some English music instead .. duh.. The seat where we sat was unfortunately in lousy condition since it was sunken in. It really affects your posture which makes eating difficult.. Other than that service is good. Food wise I ordered their Una Don which came with A bowl of Miso Soup. Yummy..Suprisingly I finished all of it clean. As for him, he ordered one set of Saba Fish Bento which has fruits for dessert, rice, Saba Fish and Salad. Oh yes, also a bowl of Miso Soup. Food was satisfactory needless to say. Total bill amound came up to just RM 37.72 inclusive of Japanese Green Tea and Tax charges.

Restaurant Mr Tepanyaki
Location : At Plaza Low Yatt lower ground.
Unfortunately there isnt any contact number available.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Trying out the new Yip's Kitchen Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid

I was just back from office and needed to tag along with my mom and dad to order our home new air con finally after so many years of heat stroke misery due to the horrible weather recently. It has been an on off occasion which badly hit our country for some time back ago, and now it's coming back again for another attack..Phew..The weather has been so horrid that it causes me constant headaches, heatiness and lack of energy. I was feeling rather sick so as him...So finally, we all decided for an air-con in our home ..Misery will soon be gone..hehe..:P We bought the Panasonic brand since it's reliable and it has been a well known product for air-conditioner. Since it's almost evening when we went there and finshed with the order, I wanted to give my mom and dad a decent treat I suggested this place as a new tryout ..good for my blogging purpose with new discovery but at the same time, it's better than landing up at 3JC AGAIN as I'm really bored with it already. haha.. I knew for instant that my dad seems to take liking and preference with 3JC, but strangely obliged and agreed to try out Yip's noodle Restaurant... My first impression of the place doesnt went all too good unfortunately. The place seems empty and only few customers eating .. but the design of the place really look cosy and do have a nice ambience.

What put me off and further iritated my dad was with the staff. One of their staff - a so called "women" who looks just like a tomboy , rough and ruggard was shouting across the whole restaurant to the other staff whom served us while we were ordering the menu. This really gave me a shock with that shrieking voice .. it's totally impolite and disgusting , and I find it really repulsive when she shrewdly commented what's taking so long !? So..? If it is, what's wrong with it? It's customer's choice anyhow, dont you think? We were so pissed off and just agreed to start on with our orders as she was already standing there starting to talk about their menu choices - but with an unbearable voice tone which is awfully loud. Aw...I believe the owner of the restaurant should have more sense in filtering their requirement when they employ any staffs to work in a restaurant. The lack of professionalism of that staff, could give a bad impact to the business and it may even lose out a lot on their first customers and subsequent ones. Food tasted normal since me and mom ordered wan tan noodle (dry type) where mine came with steamed chicken and hers was with few steamed dumplings. There's nothing pretty exraordinary with the food and it just falls below my expectation to be honest especially when the name of the restaurant is bearing "Yip's Noodle" - specialised in noodle. Hmm...:S Sad to say, I must agree that my mom's homemade wantan noodles taste even better than this. hahaha.

As for my dad, he ordered 3 combination of roasted chicken and ended up a disaster for him. He was so grumpy after that, and repeatedly saying it's lousy.. :( The sausage that came with it was not the Taiwanese sausage but just the normal ones which we also have in our home. haha.. Sigh..obviously the third dish which is the taufu which claims to be their specialty, turns out weird, cause it doesnt taste like taufu and instead more like "kueh". The only thing that is okay is their dumpling. It was indeed a dissapointing dinner turnout, since initially I regretted that I should have just agreed to settle for 3JC since it was my dad's choice and I dont have to end up coughing out RM 60 for some lousy and ordinary wantan noodles which doest make everyone too happy about it. Anyway, that will be the first and last as I'm banning this restaurant from my list. To me, I personally advice all of you to settle at other places which could give better wantan noodles and roasted pork or chicken rice. This place was frankly not worth it with it's price , furthermore not to mention the rough ruggard lady shocking experience. haha. Total bill amount was RM 62.70 inclusive of tax charges and chinese tea.. It is indeed a valuable lesson to pay from. Next time, try as much not to enter a place where it's too desserted cause it may indicate something bad which more often than not it is true. hehe..:P

Restaurant Yip's Kitchen Sdn Bhd
Location: At Sunway Pyramid shopping centre
Contact Number: 03-74926028

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Re-visit to Tak Fok Restaurant, Bandar Puteri, Puchong

That night I was craving for some crabs somehow or rather and it is strange since I was never a crab lover before until very recent lately that I picked up this unhealthy habit and thanks to my sister for this...she tempted me each time with the delicious licking of her fingers and crunching as she sunk her teeth inside the flesh of the crabs for every bite and tear. I wish I did not fall into this deadly trap..and even the rest in my family enjoyed crabs too except for me the alien one always. It has it's pros and cons for indulging in crabs ..the pros is that at least you can finally appreciate and savour one of our most favourite and heavenly local food which our country has to offer and not missing the opportunity. The cons is heavy and over indulgence in crabs is seriously dangerous as it contains high level of choleterol which may contribute to heart attack and other diseases. Anyway, that night we decided to order just 1 kg of crabs though initially we wanted 2 kg ! haha. But that's of cos without other side dishes or rice. Just purely crabs craze eating! Somehow that plan doesnt work out and we ended up ordering "La-La cooked in ginger " and vegetables to go with rice. :)

I just recovered from a sored ulcer which paralyses my eating and talking almost to that extend for at least a week , so I agreed that I should happily avoid chillie stuffs and try my level best not to take too much fried and oily things as well.. so we choosed the "Egg Yolk Crabs"? Pardon me on the english translation as I'm very lousy at it. In cantonese we call it "Ham Tan Ha Kou Crabs". hehehe..:P OOpss. This place has been very famous with its crabs since no other places could offer such a competitive price , besides the crabs are pretty fresh as well. It's really worthwhile. Business has been so good here that even on normal weekdays, you will still notice non stop entrance & exit of customers. Service is perfect as well. I must one day try my hand on their other non crabs dishes and write a review since most of the time without fail we will not miss ordering crabs obviously. . The La-La is pretty good , I specifically enjoyed drinking the soup cos it's really sweet and fragrant. The meat though is a bit tough and hard, probably because it's the small La-La and after cooking, it shrunk smaller. hehehe.. It still cant beat the restaurant in Puchong which we had the big huge La-La . Burp** I'm so full that night that I could hardly walk and move much after finishing. But nevertheless, it's one sumptious and satisfactory meal I've ever had after some time without crabs.....:)The total amount came up to RM 50 inclusive of drinks and tax charges.

You can refer to my previous post on this at :-

Restaurant Tak Fok H.K Seafood
Address: No: 23, Jalan Puteri 2/5Puchong 47100 , Selangor
Contact Number : 03- 8060 6994

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New changes, new challenges...

Monday this week was a super tiring day for me since it was also the start of the new change implemented in our team planning where I'm kinda get moved out from my team now into a specific team which deals with reporting, Change Requests mainly. It's not my ideal choice of job, but as long as it's something new which allows me to gain more exposure which of cos comes with heavier challenge.. It's not that I love putting myself in this situation but it's better than sitting right at where you were doing exactly the same job in and out isnt it? Well, it's really been a hectic week so far and I'm still struggling slightly at times to complete the tasks assigned to me but humans just need to do pushing most of the time - it's healthier since you will test your capability to the ultimatum and examine where or how far your strength lies..and get prepared for the worse in future. I had seen many different characters in my team , everyone of them which some irritates you, disgust you, and that totally unbearable at one point of time. .. But thats the culture you have got to get used to in order to survive. I have gotta do my haircut, this weekend with some stuffs to settle..which just felt that time is hardly enough let alone sleeping hours. SIgh..:( I know I've not been able to update my blog as often as I could now, so I do apologize if anyone of you did support and visited my site all this while. I'll try my best though to communicate much more frequently - hopefully. I'm crossing my fingers tight and hoping that it's not just a lie..hehe..:P

Monday, May 12, 2008

Eating at Brother Kuan Restaurant, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Just few nights ago, we didnt have much choices when it comes to food at Puchong as we nearly covered all of them generally speaking. . haha..but Bandar Puteri has some new shops coming up operating recently and it suprises me to notice that I dont see some of it last time. So since we werent looking for any specific preference or cravings that night, we hopped in to a quiet restaurant though I still saw some family groups dining in..perhaps the appearance of this place does not first appealed me so as to speak since the floor was not furnished with tiles, it's just plain old cement floor with some shades of dirt grey colour all over...that's not all. The one thing which almost made me laugh was I noticed that why is there so many red lanterns hanging from the top at the main entrance and red paper decoration with those female and male figures bearing the symbol of happiness and prosperity - which could mean so many "things" and the ones where I could think of was marriage well wishes decoration or else during Chinese New Year. hahaha.. Oh my..why didnt they even bother to take it down and re-renovate or refurbish slightly to make it looks conducive for a dining environment huh..strange..:S That I could not understand anyway..but I'm suprised that the owner of this restaurant was a very young fine lady in her mid 20's whom dressed up nicely and with a sweet looking face. :P Even the staff whom take down our orders is a young lad too.. It is so unlikely that I ever spotted pretty ah moiss serving in a restaurant which of cos excluding bars or discos..:)

Food wise are generally normal and homely..I believe most of the dishes are made out from their own cookbooks and recipes perhaps.. It's really not that bad especially if you are tired of eating and tasting over usage of MSGs and artificial flavourings, too much grease, fats or oils. Their steamed taufu topped up with fried onions slices that goes together with oyster sauce reminds me of eating my mom own home made taufu which is really simple- nothing extraordinary but yet it's nutritious and healthy! Even their vegetables is steamed and preparation wise was almost similar. The third dish was their steamed chicken and they do have roasted chicken too.. I bet the main attraction for this place was their char siew and roasted chicken and even some of the pork dishes available in their menu. Too bad, me and him were just so in the mood of eating something light and healthy, we stayed away from pork and even fried stuffs.. Anyway, doest matter since I know we shall be coming here again for sure. hehe.. The pretty lady staff kept recommending all the porkie stuffs which we didnt even hesitate rejecting with the word NO. haha..felt a bit bad since she did tried to offer us some advice on their menu choices - just being extra nice to customers. It's in Bandar Puteri itself which you won't go wrong. If you know here, it's just an easy job finding out. Total amount of bill came up to RM 26 approximately which is after including tax charges. What more can we expect right? ;)

Restaurant Brother Kuan (Hong Kong Style BBQ Cusine)
Location : No 2A, Jalan Persiaran , Puteri 1,
Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong , Selangor

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dining out at Cozy Corner, PJ

Well..mother's day is just few days countdown and for my family, we have got to plan it as an pre-early celebration due to reason being they are forced to accomodate my shifts schedule at work..I really hated this in fact..imagining that whatever event it is, I have been the sole suspect for turning it upside down..:( But in a way felt honoured that due to me, they have to all bow and agree to the changes..hehehe..:P Since I encourages new places and take a liking to seek for new discovery places to eat, we decided to settle for a restaurant place in PJ, opposite of Jaya complex ..erm, that area made a really huge changes especially along the buzzling highway..with the opening of Yoga centre and now, a see through modernised building with glass windows which allows you to view almost everything especially the activities that is going around inside. Cool huh.. I really like the design of the building actually. This restaurant is just some ordinary place serving a combination of western and eastern selections..It is weird that we don't see many customers inside when we approached. But the one next door was filled with people..haha..We were rather sceptical about our choice of place at first, but then didnt wanna change decision since never try, never know..why not just give it a shot, no harm isnt it?

I didnt quite know what to order and it took all of us about 15 minutes to finish our orders..haha..I didnt wanna take the western choices since I'm feeling heaty, having ulcers and dry mouth for the past week..I dont wanna fall ill better stay away from fried or grilled stuffs for the time being..I had a bad experience with these and I could recalled clearly that right after that, I suffered from huge and hard pimples on my face scarring it even further..I dont wanna take any chances , so I ordered fried rice with salted fish..It's really nothing extraordinary since I've been having this even on normal occasion. haha. The rest picked eastern dishes too..ranging from their Hainan Noodle to chicken rice and Fried rice with chicken sambal..The theme for that night dinner was Hainan fever..almost everything is quoted with the word Hainan. So, so funny huh. . It's kinda a bit wasted having to settle with such food on such an occasion and place.. My dad ordered extrass...a basket of small roasted bird (chicken). He could eat like a mountain at most times.. Im really impressed. I had no comments on the service as it's suppose to be fast anyway since we are their first few customers.. Other than that, there is something which I dont really think it's professional for the staffs to be asking around each and everyone of us on our food orders before they can even know the slightest idea about placing our culineries. (I mean forks, spoons, knife , etc). It's slow and irritating..Hmm..:S

But we heard a loud cry of complaint from our dad as his one came with a french bread toast and butter..It's odd as I wondered why since we did not order any western set ..LoL. Since it came, my dad was too hungry too leave it untouched..hehe..but to his dismay, the bread texture was hard like a rock that you could hardly slice it open to spread butter with the knife. ..OMG. That's awful. It's totally not fresh obviously. Without much hesitation, we complaint about it. The staffs quickly and obligingly took it and replace it with a hot fresh bread toast that is soft!! Oh my..Thank goodness. haha. That's really a bad starter in fact. We were already regretting and doubted that if our food were gonna taste like shit. haha. Suprisingly, it didnt. The Hainan noodles tasted delicious especially the gravy. Thumbs Up ! As for my fried rice, it's nothing to shout about as it's normal. Portion wise was huge and generous with lots of Prawns, CuttleFish, Chicken Meat slices on every single dish. Generally, each costed within the range of RM 8.50 to 10. It's fine to me considering the portion, taste and generous ingredients. So, the total bill amount came up about RM 92 for a table of six. :) I won't say this is gonna be the last visit, but the problem is I dont often travel all the way down as the distance isnt that near and it's always jam along Federal Highway for us to get there. I hated traffic congestion!

Restaurant Cozy Corner
Location : Address TBC

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cool Sonic Gear Iball Speaker system ! I mentioned previously in my blog about my shopping hunt for my mom's Mother's Day gift, we managed to get a cool and sophisticated speaker system for Ipod use which comes with docking feature . I'm rather suprised to know that nowadays speaker for external accessories for Ipod does not comes with docking feature apart from a standalone speaker. . It has been available form sometime being a while ago but due to a lesser demand and cost reason, many IT outlets have not ordered stocks for these anymore. They decided to stop it. I've seen plenty of speaker system available but to find one which has docking feature, it's like hunting for gem in the ocean...It caused me to move from One Utama to Mid Valley in quest for my hunt. Pheww...It's a bit dissapointing to realise that One Utama complex has very few IT shops selling gadgets or IT accessories unlike at Low Yatt . Thankfully, our trip to Mid Valley was not wasted. haha... I ought to believe in one reason which causes the obsolete availability of these is the cost of this product. It doesnt comes in cheap, and if you are looking for Apple brand, it's gonna cost you a bomb in your wallet..crash and burnt. hahaha. The cheapest range starts from at least rm 500 above. Since, that's way beyond my budget, I managed to settle for another brand which of cos not as famous as Apple but this name has been much often heard of in In Tech magazines or newspapers. It's called SonicGear. :) Lucky enough for me that there's only one particular IT shop selling this and it's only left with the last stock!! It has only white or black colour and unfortunately the white one was sold away. I prefer the white design as it looks even more cool visualizing it when my mom's Ipod which is white in colour would to sit against it. hehe..But black is classic too and not too bad after all. It has a good sound with in built woofer and many other functions available unlike some which is only served for music playing . With SonicGear, you can connect through the video output cable to the TV or PC which support this, and there you could view your video music playing on a larger screen size! Apart from that, it's also an alarm clock with FM radio feature. Wonderfully, this IBall speaker could even support charging your Ipod without having to turn on your PC for that purpose- free and less hassle! Not to mention, the alarm clock display in front has white LCD light when power is turn on. Wow..honestly speaking, with such a price of RM 300 with so many inbuilt features, it's so so worth it. Isn't it? For me, this year was the best Mother's Day gift I've given to my dearest mom who very much deserves it! Take a look now! :P What have you all planned for Mother's Day since it's just hardly a week to go?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eating at Yoshinoya, One Utama

Frankly speaking I've not been touching my laptop for ages it feels though it's only about a week coming..been really busy and tired recently with falling ill and constant headaches most of the time..the weather has been freaking hot lately that without an air condition environment , you can seriously die of heat stroke or dehydration!!! It's such a drastic change of weather now that it causes abnormality to the weather which is unlike usual cases. Guess, after all what we have been fearing about the global warming might have been obvious through our own naked eyes. Hence, for people like me which do not have the luxurious and comfort living in air conditioned room , taking an escape to shopping complexes is the best option, isnt it? Well, it's been another day of doing window shopping and my main priority top at the list is to rush and hunt for my mom's gift for Mother's day! Mother's day is just less than a week to go! I tought of something cool and hypiee for her which actually came from my bf's idea. Thanks to him..haha..else I would have a hard time searching for one nice suprise which will make her happy . My mom's have been so into techy stuffs speaking of her age nowadays..even if you would to tell the youngsters , they will certainly drop dead , rolling on the floor wth it is unbelievably true but hard to believe that our mom and dad's generation can really upkeep their knowledge on today's technology and brainy on such a thing. She's been so much focused onto Ipod , music conversion and the software used for Itunes which I hardly had much knowledge about it!!! :D

Alright..I'm not gonna elaborate much on that, but rather sticking more towards my review on our visit to Yoshinoya. It's a very typical Japanese restaurant similar to the others like Sushi King, Genki Sushi,etc which serves udon noodle soup and some of their rice selections..For this place, they have a smaller variety for you to choose at, and basically beef is their main attraction or specialty there..unfortunately since I'm not a favourite fan of beef and he don't take beef either, we gotta just settle down for chicken/salmon. It has a buffet style of set available which automatically comes with a cup of corn pudding, freshly made, soup, salad and your main meal. I ordered the usual chicken and salmon set which is OK to me. Nothing extraordinary since it's the same style of preparation, where the salmon is dip fried with flour and dressed up with lots and lots of maiyonaise. Frankly, I dont think the maiyonaise blends perfectly with the rice as it tasted odd. He kept saying that the maiyonaise spoilt everything. haha. Then the chicken tasted like those you can get from KFC. :D As for his, he ordered the udon noodle soup with chicken which he commented that the chicken is just exactly the same like mine but only difference is his one, is dipped in soup. The udon texture was not up to satisfactory according to him...

Apart from that everything else like the pudding, it was superb.I suspected that is home made themselves. It's smooth, fine and melt at each and every spoon which you scooped into your mouth. . . yummy.. I love going to shopping complexes during weekdays since we have the priviledge of escaping from the terrible traffic during weekends and we don't need to worry about not able to find any seats to have our meal. :P The total bill amount only came up to about RM 30 with inclusive of hot green tea and tax charges. Cheap huh. hehe..Later on after that, we headed to watch the main screening of the much awaiting Ironman!! It's a splendid movie which you must not miss cause it's a whole 2 hour long show and every scene was action packed and kept you in suspense. You will never fall asleep half way watching. In fact, it's so much better than the Spiderman which originated from the Marvel comicbook. I wondered if there will be another upcoming series of Ironman 2 ..which what happens to Spiderman. Spiderman first debut was just as good but then later on, after the subsequent series, it becomes boring and there's no twist in the story anymore. I managed to get my mom her Ipod docking with speaker system accesory to go with her Ipod latest man..I''ll let you look at it later on yeah! ;)

Restaurant Yoshinoya, Bandar Utama shopping complex
Location : You know's pretty easy and straight forward.