Sunday, June 29, 2008

Company Trip at Bali - 3 nights of drinking....

It's been really a long trip of 4 nights 3 days in Bali - the so called company event which really ends up awful and terrifying I would say..3 nights consecutively on different types of alcohols which includes beers, whiskeys, tequilas, jack daniels, Black Labels...phew...First night of drinking was really so intense & crazy that I just couldnt imagine myself in which state of insanity...It's partying time till 5 am in the morning and we have gotta wake up in 2 hours time for breakfast..It's just not easy at all. I'm so drowsy and dizzy when I woke up from bed and just couldnt stand the head pain which was throbbing like shit. . This whole company trip was all about drinking and nothing else. It was not an enjoyable trip frankly and it wouldnt be my dream holiday. The drinking and partying had caused unspeakable damage to my health and ended me in bed with hard shot up on my head suffering with high fever and flue...Sigh..there wasnt any shopping or visiting places of interests in Bali as I tought it should be. ..The location of our hotel was just too far off from anywhere and even lunch or dinner, it requires travelling on bus. . The free and easy slot that we had was nothing - if we wanted to visit or shop, it's all out from our own expense.....Basically I pitied those who had their first trip to Bali - It' not suppose to end up ths way since Bali has so much nicer places to offer besides lunch and dinner . The food that we tried was obviously a budget ones and it doesnt really taste that good either. Only their masakan Padang was the best..

The only one thing that I really enjoyed on my second trip to Bali was their spa. We practically enjoyed the full 2 hours of complete spa with jacuzzi and hot sauna with just RM 90 per person. The hot jacuzzi and sauna bath was so soothing and relaxing and it's also the first time Ive tried it!! Affter the massage from head to toe with oil, they did a scrub and milk bath on me..Then I was ready to dip in to the bathtub naked with only disposable panty ..The sweet scents of the flowers thrown into the tub just smelled so good and refreshing..I even had 2 cups of hot ginger tea complimentry from the workers..I felt so good after that , so I dont mind having to give some tips which is of cos up to us . There's no forcing. The Jacuzzi was so good - and only one thing which I really can't imagine myself doing was being practically naked top to bottom and only had a small tiny piece of cloth given to cover our breasts before jumping in. Imagine ...naked together with my colleagues and two different ladies..haha thats really insane actually!! The massage was not as good as the first when in Bali though... but still with the complete package, it's worth the money I paid for. :)

Basically, we did nothing but eating and drinking. . but on the second day, me and a few of us decided to go down Kuta market centre for some shopping at least. Better than nothing.. Thank god that ive bought myself some tops and one piece dress so that I didnt end up regretting for not pampering myself with some awfully cheap clothes. hahaha. The third night we had to dress all up with selendang and scarf for the company dinner event..It's so stupid imagining myself dressing up with that and with that colour combination I hardly could match what I wore and with what..even undergarments I would need to think hard on what colours should it be since the cloth material was really see through!! OMG....It actually wasted me quite some amount of money there since I purposely bought two one piece gown for that occasion and also one selendang before the trip itself..damn it..Anyway, food was nice on the third night and towards the end of the dinner and award presentation for best employees served, the fireworks display up on the sky in the middle of the hall area where we sat for dinner was superb and splendid. It lasted for at least 3 minutes to close the ceremony dinner before adjourning to the pub for drinks again. I didnt stay up that late for the last night cos we had to wake up by 430am to get ready for breakfast before we checked out to board the bus back to the LCCT terminal for our flight at 750am...It was tiring by then and my body felt so weak and sickly. I was glad to be back to my own home and I got sick almost immediately on Sunday after a bath and suffered till today...I can't imagine what could be more worse than that for a trip so far...I bet if I ever go again for company trip, I would definitely ask first" Shall it gonna be basically drinking at night and partying" if it's a yes..hell Im gonna say NO WAY..I rather leave it. hahaha..Im just too paranoid of the whole event of drinking that trust me..It's really damaging to health and not gonna worth it even if it means FOC!!! :D

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 2 - Lunch at Komtar, Penang

It was an old area of Komtar which is abit messed up place according to my bf. Beware of pick pockets and snatchers especially when you are around here . We wanted to cross over to Komtar building across the bridge which allowed public to walk over as shortcut way. There's lots of these youngsters and hippies "lepak-ing" around doing nothing- god knows if they are actually eyeing and observing for the best opportunity to plan for some thefts ..isnt it? They do look suspicious enough to me actually. But guess what? the best thing that I've ever eaten so far is having to stopped by at one corner shop called "Joo Hooi" - The building was old and dirty - paint works was not in good shape anymore..and i didnt know why they didnt bother to re-paint it back and do some maintanence. Anyway, it's not so hard to spot this place since there is for sure a chendol stall beside which is always packed with people - That's a famous stall in Penang and I'm even more suprised that the stall banner has a picture of "Phua Chu Kang" with his wife and the owner of the stall . We went over to the corner shop to have Penang Famous Asam Laksa which this place was well knownof among some others. . The shop only has long hanging fans from the top and it looks reallyold- seems like antique to me..haha. The air was quite unbearable as it's during mid afternoon - the peakhours where the heat from the sun is just too much.. The air was just to humid inside even with the slow spinning fans..hehe..anyway, we quickly finished up what we had and get away from our seat!There were just so many customers buzzling and coming in and out and mostly the elderly people wereseen eating. Even the cook was an elderly man in his 40s..I bet what will happen to Penang whenall these talented cooks are no longer here- since obviously they can't be living that long isnt it?Will Penang still be a place for food heaven? I'm not so sure about that I guess....After deliciously slurping down my way with that bowl of Asam Laksa, I was sweating so much thatI really need to get some cool drinks to wash over me or something that could cool me down. Oh yeah coming back to the Chendol stall, never miss that since thats where Pua Chu Kang stepped foot on before that.'s nice anyway. I think easily the man must have sold off 200 bowls per day. :P

After finishing our sumptuous and most satisfying meal, we went back home to take a short nap and rest before heading off to Queensbay Mall at night for some good dinner and we plan to just drop by the beach across the mall..It's funny that we still saw people fishing nearby in the dark when there wasnt anything obviously...The air was still that night..we didnt spend that much time sitting by and enjoying the cool breeze since it's rather a hot night. For dinner, we picked a restaurant located at the opposite of the mall, where there's a row of shop houses. It's a quiet place with less than 5 customers seen eating..maybe it was already late as we got there. It's about 930pm if i'm not mistaken. hahaha..Earlier, we were so undecided about eating where and what that we gave up thinking and just tought to ourself what the heck..just make up our minds and not waste time with something so foolish. It ended up, we had quite a satisfying dinner..I especially love their dim sum and the big huge oysters steamed with some herbs. Their fried rice was just ordinary apart from the dim sum. . But the one I ordered was really special it's called Fish with Chee Cheong The gravy is plenty that tasted like oyster sauce with steamed fish cooked in with the chee cheong fan. It's the flat type. Yummy..It's yummylicious in fact. I cant describe how good it is in words. After that, we went take some last shot snaps on Queensbay view at night before we left next early morning. I really miss Penang and I swear that I shall come back again soon....for its food!! :D

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 2 Morning & Afternoon in Penang

I woke up as early as 830am despite the fact that I only fall asleep at about 2am last night..haha...I just wished that the hours passed by slower than it was, and trying my best to treasure every single moment as the clock ticks by the seconds.'s kinda silly isnt it? After all it is just Penang. I could always go back there again if I wanted to but wait till IF i manage to persuade my bf to take me there again - perhaps in a very long time to count from now..haha. . He never likes the place - with only reason being it is due to the ruthless and brainless motorists who drive and acted as if they are the "kings on the road". :) Well, it's kinda true cos I actually witnessed this myself when I was there. It 's either these people has no sense of driving etiquette or simply ignorant towards the safety of others on the road. Anyway, since we havent quite make up our mind or rather it was me since he has no place in particular to visit or buy - hehe..he's actually sacrificing his time to take me here of cos the queen of decision has got to come from me..haha. I wanted to get some biscuits and junk foods in Penang for my colleagues and as well as for home..since I know farely well if I come back with empty hands, my colleagues are gonna tease and kill me - well, our team are very best described to be "huge eater" in a nicer way , but in a nasty manner it's called " Tong Sampah or Rubbish sweeper". They could finish up almost anything that is visible on the desk within a day or so!! It is a good news for me anyway since then I won't have to worry wasting whatever food which I could not get rid off - at least they could still benefit it. Don't you think? hahaha.So since his brother and wife wanted to go all the way to Ayer Hitam, we joined them together for a morning breakfast right at the bottom or foot hill of Kek Lok Si Temple...His wife has this sudden impulse and craving for the Wan Tan noodle at Ayer Hitam..and guess what? They purposely drove all the way there for this. Hmm..I'm just's so sweet to be pampered like this when I'm pregnant in future..kekeke. The Wantan noodle was special and finely made. The texture of noodle was smooth and they had more gravy to go with. It's actually a small hawker stall which is situated by the inner skirt of the road at the bottom of the hill-It has roof top covered with straws - something like those U have seen in olden days villages . It feels so ancient and peaceful having to had our breakfast there and enjoying our meal. It's only RM 2.40 per serving for small size. Medium is RM 2.70 and large is RM 3. Don't you think it's so super cheap ? I seriously doubted that we can enjoy a plate of noodle in KL with such a price nowadays!! haha. Their Pitch Black Coffee which is freshly brewed was so fragrant and the smell of coffee really made my day beautiful! :D

I didnt wanna climb up the thousand flight of stairs to the top of the temple obviously - just the tought of it made both my knees shaken and soften almost instantly. hahaha. But if given last time, it was rather unfortunate that tourists without looking at ages or races would have to take up the courage and strength just to reach the top of Kek Lok Si if they need to visit and step foot at this place for the first time. . There wasnt any alternative by pass the flight of stairs. But it seems now, pretty much things has changed ever since and now, we have the cable cars to take us up to the temple without having to endure the pain of climbing up those stairs. isnt it? But since I was more focused and interested in buying some Tau Sar Peah and other penang famous food delicacies nearby the shop areas situated at the bottom of the hill where we took our breakfast, we headed there straight. many shops available and you have plenty of choices to choose from . According to his brother's wife, there is one famous shop that has this logo of a Bell -which signifies the shop trademark logo has it's best selling product for Nutmeg medicated ointment. This ointment is known to cure and aid arthritis and any form of pains. Even their other food products and drinks are solely manufactured and distributed by themselves and proven for best quality. Thank god I didnt make the wrong decision to buy the Tau Sar Peah from them - it was remarkably superb cos instantly I knew it's not like the ordinary ones I've eaten. The quality, taste and overall packing was really impressive. Price wise I would think makes not far of a difference since it's only more by 10-50 cents. I just can't stop eating it along my way back to KL. OH yeah by the way that shop name is "Cheong Kim Chuan". Mark this shop down if you ever go Penang OK? hahaha. :P

After Ayer Hitam, we decided to stop by at Batu Ferringgi Beach for some relaxation..but I wished we could be here at the correct time in the evening rather than sun basking under the intense heat coming from the sun right around 12 noon !!! wah..we got to know a good spot to view the beach at Batu Feringgi from inside of Park Royal Hotel there, parking is free for public..funny isnt it? At least you don't have to worry of finding car parks at Batu Feringgi cos it's well known for that. ..:P So if you ever visit that area, do take my advice. . I just enjoyed my eyes feasting on the interior area of the hotel lobby, their swmming pool, resting area with beautiful table tent and chairs for customers to sit and lay down with back facing upwards against the bench...I bet this seems to be like a heaven spot among the western tourists from other countries. I witnessed the beach sand and sea at Batu Feringgi and trying to capture the scene in my memory so that it stays there for as long as it could. ... Batu Feringgi looks so similar like those in Bali ... Since the heat arising from the sun at it's peak hours at noon, he could hardly bear the heat not even in 10 minutes after stepping our bare feets on the beach it's freaking hot!!! hahaha. I wanted to stay on longer by staring across the beach but with that heat, i know it's crazy if I do! :P cos it will cause severe damage to the skin and it does more harm than good. Timing just wasnt right after all but it was nevertheless easier for us to stop by at Batu Feringgi from Ayer Hitam since it's following the same route along the way. So, thankfully I did motivate myself to snap and pose up for some pictures inside Park Royal and against the beach for keeps though these days I seldom appear in front of camera already - why do you think it is possibly? :( I've grown fatter and uglier or perhaps older now.. Sigh. .. Phew...right after that it's almost about 2 something in the afternoon and it's time for lunch. We headed down to Komtar town - the old city area of Penang ...but I'll continue that later ok. Be right back soon..;)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Penang Trip - Day 1

Finally, I've reached Penang and just look at a short video clip taken as we travel along the Penang bridge before heading Queensbay. hehehe...:P Queensbay Mall is just one normal shopping complex basically - it is no ALIEN compared to what we have in KL..perhaps the only difference is they do have more sales going on in certain shops and the brand of clothes are still the same of cos. I was just too tempted to lay hands and happily grab few blouses which costed me RM 100 Over knowing that I could get these in KL likewise. It's just the craze and pyschologically fact that you are actually purchasing something which you dont in a place like Penang! The excitement feeling was just there. hahaha. It was about 2pm and weather was freaking hot. I could feel my skin burning in flames as the heat was really unbearable. Across Queensbay , it's the Penang sea and you could see the shadow of Penang bridge from a far away distance could spot tourists and locals gather around that park especially during night falls, sitting on the marble seats - chatting, dating and even fishing !! There's hardly any sea breeze blowing during mid afternoon, so we planned to come back tomorrow evening . :)

I was kinda tired and while doing my shopping, we stopped by at a chinese restaurant called Shanghai 10...It reminded me of the Dragon-I restaurant somehow, thoughI know it's totally a contrast. It's food time in Penang and that was our very first hunt the moment we stepped down in Penang. hehe..We ordered their Wantan noodle and soup, pork minced with peanuts noodle and soup. It's a very funny spot as it's an open place not actually covered and just next to it, there is a skating area for youngsters to explore.The loud thump of music and noise activities really affect my appetite a little cos I cant seem to enjoy fully on my food due to the noise. Arggh.. But I must say the foodwas really ordinary especially the wantan noodle and dumpling. As for mine, it's a bit unique since it's mixed in with grounded peanuts and minced pork. It tasted odd and a bitof a Hakka-ish style to me but it's okay overall. :) You bet the price was just the same as in KL. But just bear in mind while in Penang - brush up your mandarin and Hokkien language skills or comprehensive understanding of the dialect and language before you even think about Penang. It's gonna be pain in the ass and irritating if you don't since you might mistakenly pay extras on your food and even got the wrong order totally!!! haha. We waited for his brother to come pick us up at 330pm and headed back to the apartment situated at Taman Desa Relau if I'm not wrong. Phew..I thank god that we don't need to spend extra on accomodation and with this, it helps him to save up on the trip. It's an old apartment obviously, and car park is only allocated to single car per tenant. it's always us having to take a walk to the place since when it's late night,you can be quaranteed there won't be any parking space available. That's rather the disadvantage of staying in apartment beside having to cramp into a limited space inside.

But suprisingly the apartment where his brother stays is completely furnished and renovated beautifully - I like the plaster ceiling and also the kitchen cabinet . Though it's a bit narrow but it's comfortable living I would say. I have no sleepless and troubled nights as the mattress were clean and the room was airy and cosy. hehe...I took a long a shower after going back at about 5pm and was already happy relaxing and chatting with his brother's wife while watching TV. We decided to head to Gurney - the famous spot among the tourists and it is said that food price there was nothing to be happy about since it's more expensive than anywhere else to mainly cater for the tourists whom has loads of $$ to splash into drinking and eating, I suppose. But the walk along the Gurney areawas truly a memorable piece as Imagine how it feels when the complex was facing the sea front and there was a long seating bench built along the sidewalk lane for people to sit and enjoy the breeze after a meal. It's really a happening scene at night - something alike KL Bukit Bintang. Both sides of the lanes were fully jammed with cars and pedestrians walking to and fro. Finding the nearest car park was a nightmare and waste of time cos you can never get one. So we decided to park inside the Gurney complex building & walked out to the main spot at Gurney- The food heaven ground . Everywhere were packed with people queueing up and sitting down with their food orders - It's just look like an ordinary hawker centre but the feel was different. Food for sure tasted different - part and parcel of pyschological thinking that it is but also because certain food delicacies like their Ikan Bakar, Char kuay Teow and Har Mee especially was good. But In Gurney food prices are a bit more expensive than in other scattered spots in Penang which will be more difficult to find if you are not one of those usual penangites. Gurney is exceptionally popular since it's the main tourists spot for foreigners.Yummy yummy..I wish if I ever have a huge gigantic tummy, I wanted to taste every little one bit of every type for testing spree. hahaha.I had such a full meal that I'm glad we walked back to the sidewalk to have our food digested easily.

We even went for a drink after that at the nearby open space cafeteria - among some are the local outlets like Coffee Bean, Starbucks. But we couldnt find any seats around..haha. It again resembles a place like at Mont Kiara, KL to me.We hopped in to a cafeteria name "Segafredo Expresso " and ordered sinful but most dissapointing drinks like Expresso with Alcohol contents mixed in while for him, its fruit punch but with loads of creme and milk. Tasted so awful and weird but still his one was bearable..but mine it's justso extremely bitter since it's a coffee with alcohol combination. I guesss this reallyneed a true coffee fan addict to seriously appreciate that kind of drink. hahaha. One thing I noticed the difference is we dont see sexy gals going crazy,drunk or naked on Saturday night and there wasn't any discos which is visibly accessible openly. Maybe only in certain hidden areas ? Hmm...:S You can hardly see any police cars patrolling and patronizing the areas since I don't see why they needed one at all unlike in KL. haha. It's like a safe zone free area - clean and harmless. For fear of being too late wandering out since he was not so familiar with Penang yet,we decided to leave earlier heading back. Going there was quite a headache since there are a hundreds of small roads which could take you to Gurney and some of the roads will link you back from where you started. It's like a merry go round initially trying to figure out where we were at, base from the map. At certain one point of time, I felt like throwing the map off as it really seems like a useless piece of paper offering little help to us. Haha..we were wishing so much that if only we had a reliable and accurate GPS system installed in the car. hahaha. Then problem solved and we don't need to be on a wild goose chase, wasting petrol and time. Suprisingly and thankfully, going back was so much easier and straight forward. Pheww...I ended up in bed tugged comfortably to sleep at 130am and that was how my my first day trip ended in Penang. It's tiring but enjoyable nevertheless. :) I Guess I was snoring like a pig throughout the night.