Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mega Sale Mania everywhere..

Wow..I'm sorry that I've not been updating in here for somemtime now..It's been quite a hectic week but most importantly is that's not the reason why's been the lousy and useless broadband service here which sucks so badly that I could not access any sites or practically utilise the Internet privilege that I paid every month of RM88 for nothing!!'s really pathetic actually. I almost quitted this service and intend to change to another alternative such as Maxis..It came to an extend that I don't even bother paying more just so long as I have one reliable and efficient internet service provider to use from. It's mega sale again and Its been the second month coming ..I was such a Jeanss frenzy and freak that anything which is in Jeans material be it skirt, shorts, three quarter length jeans will just fit in to my excitement!! hahaha.
Lately I've just bought myself 2 pair of slim fit jeans in less than 2 months..omg..and lot's of tops which never feel so pretty and perfect before...I'm beggining to appreciate brands like Zara and MNG especially their tops. it's not to say that I'm starting to be a brand conscious person where I'm never one..It's just that Zara tops are exceptionally cute, unique and class. It's somehow different from the other local brands... :)

Anyway, It's good to pamper yourself with materials or stuffs once in a least life is worth living for after all the hardwork in earning your monthly payslip ..isn't it? I'm suppose to be putting up a food blog post which I've visited last weekend and sigh..sorry that I'm not able to do it yet and not even now as I'm really so tired after a whole day of shopping...:D Im getting sore feet and toes which hurts badly..:( due to over walking. I'm gonna to do that next week hopefully..will squeeze in time for this hopefully....See ya again.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Eating out at Chego Korea BBQ, Sunway Pyramid

As usual, it's just like any other ordinary days of my shopping and relaxing out from work..we went to Sunway Pyramid. I'm always tempted to try out new things which doesn't bore me that fast, so this place somehow caught my eyes.. It's actually a newly opened restaurant with the name Chego Korea BBQ..hmm..I remembered I've eaten once the Korean BBQ style before at somewhere and basically my impression was it's actually steamboat but in a "Korean Way". . But i was suprised to find out that this place is different totally in fact! It has many varieties of single dishes to choose from where you go with rice, noodles, set lunch that comes with the usual dessert and Miso soup....but what really attracted me was the so called "Ginseng Chicken Herbal" which was said that it's the most popular main item that anyone would never miss trying if they are visiting the original Korean restaurant. So, I was thinking to myself, why not?? I'm sure I don't wanna miss out on any good deals to share in my blog , so we ordered!! :D

Wow...the place was so beautifully designed and looks really posh from the exterior and interior and kept me captivated in fact. It gave the true Korean homedining feel effect cos there's one area which gave you the opportunity to dine and relax in a typical "korean style sitting" with a large mat on top of the bench and a small stairway which allows you to take off your shoes and climb up in with bare feets. :P I like it so much, cos I've never experienced that before - ever! haha. Coming back to the dishes..the ginseng chicken was superb and's unique because they stuffed in glutinous rice inside the chicken and is soaked with the herbal soup to boil. The herbal ingredients consists of ginkyo nuts , red dates and some ginseng. It's of cos lesser inredients if to compare with the traditional chinese ginseng method. . but still the Korean way has succeeded in it's pride and expectation when it comes to Korean Ginseng chicken herbal soup. It's so yummy yummy delicious and nutritious I would say.. :) You should not miss it at all. This costed RM 25 which I think it's fairly reasonable. As for our main dishes, I ordered their fried rice seafood which turns out to be good and fragrantly cooked. They have cuttlefish, prawns and small slices of fish mixture which comes in an average portion that's just nice for me. The rice texture that is used, obviously was different from local ones. It's softer and more moist... It's at RM 18. As for him, he ordered their Rice with Seafood Soup claypot style which turns out differently as well. The soup tasted quite similar like those in Miso soup but I guess there's some Korean herbs and ingredients that has been added in which we can never find out somehow. There are so many fresh big prawns swimming inside and lot's of fresh cuttlefish , clams dumped in which gave it a marvellous touch..ah..I wished I'm having it again and it really made me feel hungry as I'm writing this. ..:P This also costed the same price of RM 18.

Anyway, it's really a satisfying meal that worth the money and environment fact you can actually see through the kitchen and observed the Korean chefs busy cooking. You may be suprised that a large part or almost all workers in that restaurant are basically Koreans. Logically this should happened else there won't be any true original Korean food served to retain the reputation and business of the restaurant in a long run. People will soon find out the truth if otherwise..isnt it?? ;) I came out feeling full and happy...Burrp..** Oopss.. haha. Total bill amount came up to RM 60 Including service and tax charges.

Restaurant Chego Korea BBQ
Lot 0B3 - LG2.2 Sunway Pyramid, Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact No : 03- 9130 4195

Friday, July 25, 2008

New Kingston 8GB Thumbdrive !!

I'm really sorry that I'm supposed to post this picture up several weeks ago..but here it is now as promised! haha...It's a cute miniature thumbdrive which is lightweight, easy to carry with and convenient and user friendly as well..I wish that in time, we have a bigger hard disc space as much as 30 GB selling at RM 100 PLUS range very soon! I'm really counting on that frankly..hehe..:P This coming weekend, we are gonna visit Low Yatt again for some other mission....anyway, here's one of my proud possesion when it comes to IT gadgets ..and I know it's rather common to some others, but to me it's a big thing to have!! LoL :D In fact the price has gone down a lot when compared to initially the market price was selling at RM 100 over for just a 8GB hard disc space when now it has dropped to RM 80 range.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TGIF Friday Restaurant & Bar !!

TGIF finally..haha of cos how I wish its Thank God it's Friday but it's just 3 days more to go before weekend again! Hurray. It's been ages ever since I stepped foot at TGIF, Subang...Nevertheless this place did bring me back some old memories - the good and bad. It's where me and a group of IBMers colleagues celebrated one of our fren's birthday in fact. I do missed those good old times and it is just too bad that good things as I said always don;t last...After leaving the company, due to hectic life, friendship strings loosen up quite a lot and slowly everything seems faded away no matter how much you are trying to keep in touch as often as you could. Sad isnt it? :( Anyhow here I am again..things havent changed much in terms of the place, environment and the friendly staffs...but one thing which I'm quite sure of is that the serving portion of the dishes seemed to have shrunk and suprisingly it's a sigh of relief rather than shock!! haha. :D I don't think Malaysians has that enormous appetite compared to the westerners as we don't take steaks , huge chunks of beef steaks as our main meal - we are still very much into rice as our staple food ..isnt it? :P

Seriously, It's always a torture trying hard to finish up the plate of steak whenever we visited places like Victoria Station, San Francisco Steakhouse, etc. It's a nightmare to me..haha. Everything used as the ingredient base was made of from cheese, butter and some of their herbal mixtures. Places like Dave Deli or CoffeeBean pasta's or fish n chips is still bearable and just nice in fact. But of cos quality and taste wise, it's no way compared to those classy and posh dining ..I be the host that night since I'm footing out for the bill in due of celebration with him....Places like this just fits into the mood....:) We took quite a long time to decide on our orders and funny thing was the staff understood "why" instantly. hehehe..:P I bet they had seen a lot of customers like "us". haha. I ordered erm..their Grilled Chicken with Fried buttered prawns in Jack Daniel special sauce & he ordered the Diablo Pasta which is just normal - the usual ones ... there's lots of herbs and prawns but with minimal cheese..Hmm which is good and healthier! Mine costed RM 36.90 and his one was at RM 27.90. It's generally a wholesome meal and one which you don't have to gorge up to your throat and suffer after that. For drinks, I ordered something special - their signature drink I's called Lynchburg Lemon - It's NO ordinary lemon drink cos it's mixed with a combination of whiskey, Vodka and Lime..It's bitter sour taste really gave you a shot up your brain and it's totally refreshing!! I did enjoyed it very much. :D Total bill amount came up to RM 105.35 with the Tax and Service charges as usual. I almost fainted to know the exact figure as I must have miscalculated the amount before the bill was out!! LoL.

T.G.I Fridays Restaurant & Bar
Location: Lot G 03-G 07 Ground Floor
Subang Parade, Subang Jaya
Contact No : 03- 56342956

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eating at Restaurant Causeway Bay, Low Yatt Plaza

Its another weekend again and I just can't really imagine how time flies..weeks after weeks passes by in just one wink of an eye...good happy days are usually faster than usual and also ends up quicker..true isn't it? I have been delaying my intentions initially which came up about half a year almost, to look out for a new power adaptor replacement for my Asus laptop which I bought over from a fren of mine..Of cos it's not the new trendy model design I've been using , obviously . haha..I bet this model of laptop has been obsolete and you can never find it anymore's almost like an antique to the IT gadget geeks out there probably! :D But I'm in the opinion that why waste money to buy a new one just bcos you feel you need to keep up with the craze and trend? I don't go do heavy stuffs or work with my laptop, neither do I play any definitely No. :P I was devastated and worried when I got to know my adaptor cable connecting to one point and the other point was somehow broken or torn! It's really unbelievable for such thing to happen cos I know It's definitely not a common problem of people breaking wyres ...haha..So I decided to pull my bf together with me to go Low Yatt and check out if they do still have parts ..In fact, thankfully I don't really need to use back ASUS original since any universal adaptor should just work fine. As long as the power voltage is compatible with the existing one. I was shocked to be informed that even the universal and ASUS adaptor were out of stock! But as you know, Low Yatt is just like a heaven place for IT stuffings..Even the unusual or HARD to get things, you can find it selling...we went to this second hand shop which sells lot's of second hand servers, routers, electronical items...and they have stock for it!! Alas..but I wasn't actually prepared to pay in cash and buy it immediately but it was more like doing a price survey first to see...So, since that this first initial stage has been identified..which means I'm gonna buy it in next month!! I'm so happy. :D

Since we were around Low Yatt, we hopped into this place called Causeway Bay Restaurant..It's a normal designed place - which doesn't strikes me as impressive after entering . But from the outside, it does look a bit grand though..hehe..:P Inside was just plain ordinary setting with chairs and tables arranged and wall papers of advertisement pictures...There's no air con but just ceiling fans..There were people seen eating and business wise seems not bad to me. I was rather hungry at that time, so I ordered their seafood baked cheese rice..Yummy....yummy...I must say this dish really gain my applaud and It was so far the best I've eaten! You shouldnt miss it serving portion is huge and generous and it's different from where else cos the seafood contents they put in to bake consists of Oyster in shell, big prawns, white cuttlefish, fish chips with considerable amount of cheese with original sauce. It's at RM 19. Though it's not exactly cheap in terms of the price, but I feel it's worth the price it has to offer..:) He ordered vegetables with prawns gravy with rice. His was just ok to me. The brocollies are really fresh as well as the prawns. Not bad. Price is at RM17. Apart from our main dish, we were so tempted to try some other things there, so we gave their char siew and roasted chicken a try! It's not really a good choice since I think the taste was a bit weird. I don;t know how to explain either..haha..but it's not stale. This costed RM 18. We had such a fullfilling meal and satisfying as well..Burrppp*** :D I will definitely go here again if I ever stop at Low Yatt again next month. The total bill amount came up to RM 66.70 inclusive of Govt and Service charges.

Restaurant Causeway Bay, Plaza Low Yatt
Contact Numner : 03- 2141 0881
Business Hour : 10am - 11pm

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bread Story - Old Time favourite...

Lately , I've also been craving for food or junkies which I've never touched for some time or never had in mind before..with the curry puff cravings and what now? I wanted Bread story so much that I bought so many that I could eat it just alone for 2 days....:O) ANyway, it should be stopped but I just need to satisfy my weird taste buds and temptations I made my bf drove all the way to Bandar Puteri branch to get these. . I took their ham & salmon , cheese with tuna, cheese with chicken fillings, Chillie Meat Floss, Red Bean , cheese with sausage breads...Writing about this, made me feeling hungry again...hahaha. I wonder what's wrong with me that my taste buds gone haywire and jeapardise my diet intakes and volume ..which obviously will cause me to gain weight easily.. :( Time to do some yoga and it's almost the same as not said at all since I hardly have the time and energy to go ...I used to go Taipan so much that the Bread story stop was one of my most frequent visits last time...This will still be old time favourite choice when it comes to breads ..I seriously wouldnt mind paying more slightly to have a satisfying bite . :P

What about you? hehe..

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weird problems and symptoms....

Lately I had these weird stuffs and symptoms appearing out of the sudden from nowhere and I guessed my health could have jump down with a huge leap on the statistics. . . :/ Its just not ordinary problems which I;m aware and it's just all seems bizarre to me. I had scalp problem which causes constant itching - Irritation that eats into your skin and it just make u feel like peeling off the whole layer of your scalp out to get rid of scratching since with such, I may suffer from scalp bleeding or injuries. . Gosh...This is crazy. I've never experienced such traumatised symptoms before and I was rather worried I figured out the best thing to do was to seek professional help at the hair saloon for some scalp treatment. Thank god I did..and apparently I found out that the main culprit of this was due to wrong usage of shampoo..So guys, just be careful with what you use especially so when you have sensitive scalp. But it's kinda hard to know as things changes after some time due to hormonal and system change in your body which affects you in certain ways without you realising it. But I was happy that mine was solved and I've a healthy, itch FREE scalp again ...yoohoooo!!...and I've also regained back the shine and glow on my hair which has seem to vanish a while ago... :D Touch wood*** My hairstylist has also mentioned that it is also due to oily scalp which contributes to the problem..Hmm...With that scalp thingy I had enough, but then just few days back, I experienced super duper dry skin which is so disturbing to me that I almost cried..It affected almost my whole body and I was lost..I seriously dont know what happened and why. :( The texture of my skin looks and feels exactly like the skin of a buffalo or rhynoceros - wrinkles and lines visible to the eyes that when I stretched or bend my arms, you can feel the pulling!!! :O Oh my..god..what on earth is all these?? I was so down and devastated at that point of I applied large amount of moisturiser to my body hoping for miracles....Thankfully, this symptom seem to happen that particular night ONLY and it is gone now..for good. Phewww...

Anyway, enough of those disturbing and scary stories I was suppose to tell you that due to my recent visit to the hair saloon since well, I've been a regular and loyal customer hehe..mind you, I do get unexceptionally good treatment of a VIP there, I was given a complimentary set of Key chain limited edition for the brand of shampoo I'm using - it's not just any ordinary key chain but it's a dress up key chain suit which allows you to switch the jacket top with another. It's hard to describe , so why not have a look here. hahaha.:D

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Crazy watching of Prison Break Season 3 & Weird cravings for curry puffs and junkies!!

I must admit that recently I'm so much into this famous series drama called Prison Break that I hardly do anything else but except glueing my pair of eyes to the idiot box following it non stop except for occasional breaks to the toilet and right after I wake up before heading to work!! It's totally a craze and addiction I've gotten myself into but I just can't help it at all...That's the latest season 3 of Prison Break which I've just finished and I must say it's really satisfying and worth watching..The story of this has every single scenes that will quarantee you to stay at your seat with it's thrilling and explosive moments. Pheww...I really missed the last 2 seasons watch of Prison Break and's really such a waste that I've not followed them. :( It's just as good as Supernatural as I'm also a fan for weird, wacko movies. hehe..:P Anyway, what did i specifically do recently?? I don't use to go out often like last time..since we couldnt arrange our time to meet up, so here i am..finding pleasure and interest with the idiot box as my entertainment! hahaha.

Today, I went back to that same old restaurant at Puchong which we used to go eat dim sum and business was overflowing and super good even at past 12 noon lunch hour supposed there will be another new upcoming branch open soon by looking at how business is fluorishing for this restaurant.. I didnt bother taking pictures since it's more or less the same varieties which I've very much have it here in my blog..:P I'm just a little lazier lately, holding and tagging my camera along when I'm outside..perhaps..wait till I get one really good SLDR camera first yeah..;O ..Alright...I'm supposed to put up pictures which I suddenly recalled having it of some favourite junkies that I'm so so much in love with..occasionally, whenever I visit the Guardian pharmacy, I will definitely buy at least 2 packs of fried seaweeds packets from there..and oh my...they are so yummy good and delicious !! You should try it too! :D I'm gonna post up the picture soon but hopefully I've not yet erase it from my cam. haha. Another weird temptation and cravings which I'm having lately when it comes to food is "curry puffs"!! Not just any ordinary ones, but the unusually tasty and yummy curry puffs which appears to be in bigger chunks, with eggs inside as the fillings. Just nearby my bf's house, I discovered there's a side stall owns by an aunty whom made really delicious curry puffs at RM 1.10 per piece. Though it's a bit expensive , but I think it's really worth it. I don't mind paying slightly more for a real good curry puffs. And I managed to lay my hands on those at Bangsar where my colleagues bought them for all of us and I actually pre -ordered 5 pisces from her..OMG..I guess I'm gonna put on lots of weight after this..:( hehe... Alright..that's about much I needed to share with you people for the time, chao for now..;) Be right back soon hopefully.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Eating dinner at Bak Kut Teh - Sunway

I wished the days are passing by slower than as's always like this when people say good things always ends up faster than it should..happier days seems to pass by quicker than you tought...sigh..anyway, after watching Hancock played by Will Smith - the funny guy wearing an eagle head cap..Hmm..I think this movie has some funny storylines and it's also a bit unusual - not like the normal Superman plot of the older times..isnt it? I dont know how to exactly describe this movie - it's neither really good to that extent where you knew it's your money worth and time, nor that it is that lousy after all since this movie is one of it's kind somehow..anyway, I'm actually suggesting that you go watch it anyhow. haha..:P Im waiting for more movies to line up soon in cinema and it's like been some months ago since I hardly recalled myself going to the cinemas...We spent quite a couple of hours since 4pm at Mid Valley and by the time movie was over, it's already 830pm..It's really getting late and I was not hungry though...It must be the pizzas and croissant from Delifrance which were just too satisfying and wholesome that we both don't really seem to bother if dinner is on or not..haha..ANyway, we didnt wanna make few trips in and out from home, so decided to stop by the Bak Kut Teh shop nearby Sunway to grab something - just to fill up our tummies. . I tought about this place since I've never been here after so long I came to know about their famous pork balls dipped in hot stinging chillie sauce and spices & I've actually tried it before that....and I really did like it too. So why not? But he really made a damn terrible mistake for not specially requesting for "LEAN MEAT" for the bak kut appeared to be so fatty and gross. I never take those with huge lumps of fats sticking from the pork meat - never in my life so far. It's unhealthy and I just gotta admit I hated it..I know what you guys will be thinking..what? ! what's the point then of eating Bak Kut Teh if not for the chunky and succulent fats?? duh..Yeah..but that's not the whole point of it to me anyway. So, luckily for me I still have my pork balls dipped with chillie and spices in gravy to go with rice. I managed to finish up one plate of rice anyways. That's a bit of a suprise myself either. :D But I must say the one at Puchong really tasted much better truthfully. Anyway, I dont see why we wont be coming here again unless if we are so happen to pass by this area..definitely yes. :) The total bill amount came up to RM 39 which is I tought to be slightly more expensive than the one at Puchong. But it's still reasonable I guess.

Guys - I'm sorry that there is no exact address of this place. But i'll promise to get it as soon as I visit here again, ok? :P

Friday, July 4, 2008

Eating at Delifrance, Mid Valley Shopping Complex

It was another Sunday weekend for me and everything goes just as much the same for me in fact..the usual shopping , eating and movie watching..hehe..we went to Mid Valley as it's the MEGA SALE again happening around every year and it has just been started! There were so many attractions of nice clothes and things that I must say it's really tempting...haha. Anyway I managed to get myself some ZARA clothes..I got to admit that I dont have much of ZARA collections in my closet cos they were just too crazy expensive to be owning one...imagine a simple piece of blouse or t-shirts will cost you already RM 100 OVER on normal times. . unless if I was born with a luxurious life of a Datuk or Minister...then most probably even running pieces of 100 RM notes would obviously look like RM10 notes to me. But I was really happy with my buys and i got to admit it was one of those bright and shiny days I had. :P

Recently, there's been a weird temptations we are having on one of Delifrance promotional items - their famous pizzas...We had it once before that, and instantly fall in love with it. So that pizzas was the only thing we tought of when we were in Mid Valley. if you believe it! So, we decided to just hop in and sit for our lunch at Delifrance for the very first time. Delifrance really make good toasted breads, pizzas, and croissants. Even their desserts like mini cup cakes and tarts are really tempting.. :D I ordered their tuna with shrimps croissant and salad..also another of their 2 pisces of toasted Pizzas in french loaf.Yummy..yum..yum. It really tasted so good. For drinks. we had Iced Peach tea and Hot GreenTea..It's really a wonderful environment here and relaxing too. I think this would not been one of my last visits to Delifrance and I'm sure there will be more of it in fact! :)Total bill amount costed up to RM 37 inclusive of drinks. Not too bad isnt it?
Location : Delifrance at Mid Valley shopping complex