Sunday, August 31, 2008

Late lunch at Asian Food House Restaurant, Damansara Utama

It's like just another boring and lazy sunday for me knowing that time flies as that I hardly could feel myself enjoying and relaxing for the weekend. Sigh...It's always the case when u work on every Fridays till past 12 midnight..Arrghh. Anyways, that day me and my bf went downtown driving past highways and making several stops to different spots in Damansara only to end up deciding what to have for lunch after say about like 1 hr of driving? haha... It's one crazy day in fact where he lost his sense of direction and decision making for food. We seldom head down to Damansara area because it is just too far off from our home. But as we made several rounds in Uptown I think...goshh i couldnt be for sure now if this is the place we ended up as our final stop. .yeah i think it is anyway..:P we decided to pick this Peculiar and unique restaurant from the outside as it appears to me that my six sense or inner guts was telling me this place has got good food to serve! it's just a small restaurant with less than 10 tables & chairs for dining. There's like a mini bar counter on your right as you entered. The painting decorations hung up at the wall under orange lighting of chinese cloth made lanterns really make you feel like you are in one of the Chinatown suburban area having your lunch in a peaceful and quiet zone. Wow....:D

It looks to me like a home business and basically the boss who runs this restaurant could be more like a partnership between few people. We ideally spotted 2 middle aged man around mid 30's who came in and straight went in to the kitchen area holding some few bags of stuffs...He dressed differently and smartly. So he must be the one..but of cos, sometimes looks can be deceiving. hehe..We have nothing else better to do than watching and observing every single thing which caught our eyes just to laze our time away while waiting for our food. Well, back to food..we ordered Lemon Grass chicken chop rice and Taiwanese style Pork Ribs rice together with another side order called Crispy Tofu. Yummy yumm...since we were not sure what's really good here yet, it is always the safest practice to look out for the Thumb finger icons on menu or something which indicates its GOOD! hahaha. My lemon grass chicken chop was a huge serving with lots of chicken slices . The lemon grass tasted really like those "Kunyit" herbs used by the Malays to cook curry..It's OK to me and not bad as it's really unusual . I could hardly finish up mine in fact . As for him, the Taiwanese so called Pork ribs really had his applaude as it's really good and tasted exactly like home made Pork Ribs. It's sweet and sour slightly with quite a strong smell of Ginger. The enormous soup potion apart from the pork ribs did came with soaked cabbages and lettuces.

The prices here are pretty reasonable to me since it's quoted reasonably with the portion size and serving style. I think you could find anything in here ranging from Japanese, Asian to Taiwanese style..since the Word "ASIAN" is self explainatory enough..isnt it? I particularly love the side dish Fish Paste's made of very fine fish paste fillings with some herbs grind into it and it was definitely home made cos you can never find anything like this seriously!! It's outer layer was fried and crispy and go perfectly well with their chillie sauce. Relating this, really make me missed this place and I feel like going there again later! haha...The price of Lemon Grass chicken chop rice was at RM 9.80. Taiwanese style pork ribs costed RM 13, whereas the Tofu was at RM 8.80. As for drinks, I had Lemon Gree Tea and coke for him. All in , was just RM 44 inclusive of service charge...and yeah by the way there's no Govt charge for here! I don't think it's expensive to me for as long as food is GOOD! You must check out this place yourself and no regretss. :) I've got to apologize for the distorted colour of the picture snapped since what could u expect when it was taken from a;) I hardly bring my cam along recently as I know I wouldnt be updating it as often as I wish previously. Perhaps I would usually keep aside all the pictures and only keep all of 'em rolling in after a month or so break in between.

Asian Food House Restaurant
Location : No 38, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama, 47400 , PJ, Selangor
Contact Number : 03-7728 7719

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eating out at Sushi Groove , Sunway Pyramid

There have been so many places I went for sushi that I cant remember all the names of it in fact...but speaking about posh and classy Sushi restaurant..I think this is one of them..Sushi has generally a standardise selection of varieties but in some places, you may get some really different choices of food or style..And price differs quite a lot too. In this case, Sushi Groove was quite an awesome groovy place to dine's more like dining in a pub or disco environment with all those striking lime green lights all over the walls of every corner. Hmm..but food is pretty cool..they had different style of cooking such as their mashed potatoes wrapped up like a wantan ball with classic decorations..Yummy..their noodle was made of some fine glass noodle look alike which I'm not sure what it is called and served with the Unaki fish? Hmm...:P I ordered their lemon chicken slices with rice and shreds of cabbages.Then we have their french slice toast with salad dressings and a touch of "wasabi". That's for side orders anyway. now..this is really something totally out from what I've seen so far...but its really cool. Nice and cute. Im sorry tht I dont have the price of each dishes as it's really quite some time ago since I visited this restaurant. But U must go check it out. It has a very classy and groovy ambience with great food but I remembered it's a bit pricey though. Worth it since it's not something which u go everytime isnt it? :P

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm sorry that it has been more than a month after a total stop in my blog...i know it seems pretty dead in here but things have been super busy for me involving work, work and also work again...But then since today is the only day I could squeeze in a lil time with hope, I just tought it will be good to put up some but not all pictures which I had in fact gathered through my past visits involving food ..:) Subway has been existing ever since some time back, but its popularity seems to increase even more with the expansion of branches seen almost in all shopping complexes like IOI Mall, Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid...let's just say the main spot where customers will go. I never know that Subway has it's own uniqueness when it comes to how these big chunky sandwiches are prepared..It's all about eating healthily but still able to enjoy and not resist the temptations of having your fair share on hams, turkeys , chunks of pork and still enjoy it with minimal calories and fat! It's everyone's favourites and even the vegetarians will be quaranteed to enjoy it too. You can freely choose what type of vegetables such as green peppers, salad, cabbages and the salad dressing or sauces to go with of your choice AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, their cheezy slices that goes in in between these fillings..the bread will be baked a while in the oven which gives out the cheesy aroma. ..Yummy yummy yum...It's just finger licking good with every bite while sinking your teeth in ... I never seem to get bored of eating it seriously. It's wholesome filling, sumptuous and healthy choice of eating! Try it out and you will know it yourself. I particlarly love their Turkey Ham & breasts combination.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dinner at Mei Keng recipe, Bandar Puteri Puchong

It's been some time ever since I've eaten in that cheapest so called place when it comes to crabs. I use to get trained myself with eating crabs from there and also from my family members who always tempted me with crabs right in front of my very eyes. It's a decent meal with his dad since he came down to KL...This restaurant has always been a fame and packed with people coming all the way for crabs ..It's priced at RM 18 per kg. It's fresh though not exactly huge. Too bad that I did not touch one bit of it that night..Strange as I was not into the mood despite the fact that initially the suggestion came from me...So bad of me, isnt it? haha. Anyway, apart from crabs, we ordered vegetables, Japanese tofu, coconut curry hehe...nice nice yum yum... I really enjoyed the meal even without touching the crabs but what I did was just "Man Tao" dipped into the sweet and sour crabs gravy...:P I will surely go here again needless to say and hopefully there will be more reviews then..I just feeling lazy to write here it , pictures for your viewings. The total amount came up to RM 80 plus inclusive of one pot of chinese tea and tax charges.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Trying out at Daimon - The Original Okonomiyaki hiroshima style - Low Yatt ,KL

Hmm..I didnt know exactly if this is a Japanese restaurant or something else as this place really looks so unique in its own way that it appears to me that the owner could have run business here after mastering the skills back in Japan..It's managed by a middle aged woman who has a body of a Sumo wrestler -- haha oops...but she's really friendly. It's just a small place with few tables and chairs and not many customers . . But my overwhelming curiosity made me picked this rather than any others. There's a japanese couple or something which really made the environment kinda odd and funny. They were just sitting right behind us and quite closely to each other. The Japanese looking man was in his mid 50's I guess and together with a Siamese look alike lady or probably mix and Im rather certain that she was definitely not local. :) They were talking to the owner of this restaurant while placing their orders and during the conversation along the way, I heard him saying wow..the namings of the menu are so confusing and misleading..the wording terms just doesnt sound quite right where how you actually pronounce it in Japanese. haha..:D Anyway, the food that we ordered seems like a thin layer of pancake which the fillings in between the two layers are made of bean sprouts, seafood like cuttlefish and depending on what you choose like tuna or other stuffings. It's pretty good and tasty in fact. But I guess it's a little slightly more expensive since it's not entirely satisfaction of having eaten enough for a meal in fact..hehe ..:P maybe i'm just one big eater person who has a huge appetite and cravings lately..But if you had not been here, do try it out yourself . Each serving portion costed RM 18.00 - 20 range. Sorry that I've somehow misplaced the address and contact number details . :( I promise will come to that when I have my next visit again yeah.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Company Team gathering at Italiannies, The Curve

I could bearly recalled the very first time ever since I stepped in to this restaurant until it came up to me that night that, there was a familiar spot down there where I was sitting with the group sometime back..It was kinda good old memories where I first met my bf and also my ex's more like a special couple meeting up and warming up since I hardly know him at that time yet...:P I knew we ordered some cheezzy pastas as well..hmm..funny why the food didnt strike me as special or unforgettable though..haha..But it's a nice and comfy environment with lots of picture frames hung up and also different level ground of sitting arrangement from one spot to another..It's unique. I'm always dragging my feets to make an appearance when it comes to office affairs and socialising..the tought of it really bore me and I don't know why..I aint really fancy these gatherings at could call me a social freak if you want..but probably due to one simple hard fact that everyone only cares about having fun and cracking silly and nonsense jokes that always has the strong sense of sarcasticism, facing people with 2 faces of the total opposites and bla bla...Anyway, since I've escaped successfuly in each of the previous few gatherings with really "valid" reason that is undeniably true, this time around I've no any solid excuses to push this meeting here I was...Thankfully, I don't need to drive myself all the way up to The Curve from my place which should at least takes the least one hour!! Pheww..I really hate jamming up along LDP where you know you can't escape other routes to reach. That's also the main biggest offset for me in not wanting to attend frankly..hahaha..I'm just plain lazy to drive..I prefer being driven at that I could relax ..Isn't it?

So, I thumb a lift with my colleague to and fro which save me the hassle..At least it wont screw up the whole event...:) We ordered dishes after dishes like nobody business and yet I still doubted that it really did went over our department budget anyway. haha. :D We had 3 sets each of Tomato Spaghetthi, Cabonara (Not sure if that is what they call it..Lol), Salmon Pizza where the salmon is practically fresh and raw with big onions sprinkle on top with cheese, Chicken Pizza, Fried cuttlefish with their signature sauce I guess (It's super nice - that's my most favourite dish in fact) and another dish consisting of toast french loaf with their olive coloured sour cream perhaps..seriously I don't know what the heck it's called..hahaha..since my main objective that time was to indulge into eating..:P It's considered not too bad a gathering and the funniest part was the photo shooting and cam whoring moments obviously especially so when it comes to the funniest and craziest part where the newbies and escaped goats initially such as people like me did not perform in front of the the rest . OMG...I was petrified to the fact that I almost wanted to stand up instantly and take a quick escape through the back door...I have been trying to avoid those horrible trials and performance forced into us the newbies and yet in the end, I was caught. :( sob sob..anyway, I will always remember myself standing up on the chair of Italiannes singing old nursery rhymes..Oh!! LOL ....It's really one hell of a night which was really crazy and akward. Anyway, I swear I won't post it up here cos it's simply embarassing. haha. Just some snapshots of the place and food of cos it's a must!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pasta Indulgence at Pasta Zanmai, One Utama

It's Pasta indulgence again and not solely because of that which really moved me to go try out this place, but I've been seeing leaflets thrown in and heard people talking about this newly opened restaurant which serves really excellent and exquisite pasta's - made from Japanese finely made pasta noodle. ..Hmm..The minute I entered, it really gave me a shock - a "woW" reaction cos the table and seat arrangement looks like mushrooms trees which are linked to one another forming a circle. Haha..I think it's kinda hard for me to describe unless you see it yourself..It's genius and creative! :D They have this see through glass pane which allows you to observe and entertain yourself watching how these Japanese chefs cook in action! Guaranteed you will never feel bored at all. I love the design and atmosphere in this restaurant..It's peaceful and cosy. In another section, they have this little shop which sells all kinds of Japanese junkies, biscuits, sweets and chocolates. .So cool. Yummy yummy. I had my bf bought loads of these and costed RM 50 over just for these absurd huh..:P

I ordered their Omulette with mince meat gravy in rice...It's basically baked or pouched eggs covering on top with lots of minced meat gravy to blend with the rice. Oh my's so tasty that I finished every one bit of it without leaving anything behind. Could you believe it?? :D This costed RM 18. Actually there's lots of choices for you to choose from..though obviously their main specialties or signature dishes might be pastas and I doubted if my choice will be a wise one ..but heck..never try, never know right?? Luckily it turns out superb..:P As for him, he was forced to order Mushroom cream sauce in Spaghetti appears to be pleasing to the eyes when they brought it over to the table, but the minute when I saw raw eggg resting right above the noodle with the yolk swinging right to left , eeuuwwww....!! That's totally disgusting. Maybe, I just aint like anything with eggs ..or stuffs that are raw. The cream sauce has already strong milk and cheese smell..and imagine what will it be when it's mix up with the raw egg that has quite a bit of ammonia smell..dont you think? :O I was so relief that it's not me choosing this dish. haha..Anyway, it went quite OK with him since he loves egg. Thank God. Else the whole plate will be wasted for nothing. It's RM 22. Apart from our main dishes, we ordered soup..Clams soup.I just wanna know how it's gonna taste like in the Japanese way .'s super delicious. I don't think you will regret this. Be sure to make a visit at least once.! ;) Total bill amount came up to RM 56.35 inclusive of tax charges. Green tea was served in a pot which only costed RM 3. Not bad eh. In fact the salad was great. The salad dressing that is sued was just different from the localised ones.

Restaurant Pasta Zanmai
G210B, Ground Floor Promenade,
One Utama Shopping Centre, 1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama Damansara, 47800 PJ