Monday, September 29, 2008

Lovelyy Gifts all the way from Hong Kong....

Recently my sister just came back from Hong Kong and she bought lots of cute and wonderful gifts for us ...It is strange to know why gifts over out from Malaysia always seem so different and pleasing to the eyes..I was so thrilled and excited and particularly so captivated with all these cute stuffs .. Sigh..I wanna go Hong Kong and I must ensure that this is a surely dream come true by year 2009 no matter what it takes even if it means digging out all my hard earn money and splash it on a one time trip. I'm planning to cover not only in Disneyland and Hong Kong but also Shenzen.. hehe..:P Meantime, let's have a look at all these wonderful gifts and even those candies and tit bits packing looks so cutee. I even get to taste their Hong Kong famous "Lo Por Peng" and its yummy delicious. haha..:D Basically I was so enthrilled with the accesorries stand which is carved and shaped into a womenly figure with hooks at the top for you to hang up your ear rings...according to my sister it is bought from the famous "Lui Yan Kai"'s a place or a name of the street where these were bought from. Whereas the candies and biscuits together with the cups, fridge magnets and pillows were basically bought from Disneyland itself.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cries of 6 adorable kittens ....

Past several weeks ago, my bf's house had been quietly and unknowingly invaded by almost a dozens of kittens and almost left unnoticed if not for the weak but hungry cries of the kittens all hidden up in one small corner at his front porch with their mother nursing them with milk...They are all sooo cute and adorable and it's animal natural instinct for their mom to protect their children when sensing danger or potential threat for any human or moving object coming close..:) The mother cat was hissing fiercely showing it's sharp pointed teeth when she saw us...and that strange growling noise. ..But after a while it got acquainted with my bf ...and out of his warm and caring heart which taken me by surprise , he even cooked sausages and cut it into smaller pisces for the mother cat to eat almost several times in a week. Perhaps due to that, things seems different after that...I knew he really adored the kittens very much and quite frequently I would notice that he will take a peek inside the cutboard box or stroke them while playing. hehe..:P It's a pity that later on after that, the mother cat pinched all of her kittens away to the backdoor neighbourhood and ever since then, there were no signs of the kittens any longer...but initially after the first night of dissapearance, he could still hear them crying in the middle of the night or when it started raining ...poor thingy...I just prayed and hoped all 6 of them will still be in safe hands and condition no matter where and what..:( Sometimes, you will never understand why the mom choosed to leave even knowing obviously, she need not worry about her children's safety, there's always food and shelter from rain and shine....sigh..Anyway, here's just a short video clip I've managed to capture during one of my visits to his place ...It's just an intended memory which I just wanted to put it up here for him or whomever that has the passion towards animals especially cat lovers..Hope you will enjoy it. It's not a perfect video with good quality ..but it's watchable..:P

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Donut Empire!

hmm...U know what? I recently had a suprise seeing another upcoming existing brand for donuts apart from JCO, Big Apple and Dunkin Donuts...We have Donut Empire too! Apparently I heard from my friends that this is a Singapore brand which is kinda famous there but not in Malaysia. Wow..I learnt something new! :P The design and taste is so commercial and i don't think there's any individual identity for all these three different brands. Everything taste and look the same with one another! Our office has these stalls laid downstairs and believe me..this donut stall has been going on selling for more than 2 months already! Im not sure if it's been having very good business or anything..i seriously doubted it as there isnt anything special or different that deserves a strong and good selling point for this... Well, it could be there still due to the Ramadhan season going on .... Here's how the box looks like. :P