Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quick Note - Taking a break & Wishes to all Readers

Hey all...I guess I got to apologize for my absence being for almost one month now...and it's only because I'm really caught up so much with work and my personal arrangements and plans which left hardly any time for's pathetic really. If you wanna believe it or not.
There were quite some few events happening lately such as my sister homecoming from UK with family which I've taken lot's of pictures but have not gotten any time to upload here!!!!! Arghh...anyways, I will need to take a break as for now till when I get back on my 2 feets and find ways to release myself free to be able to write again...till then chao..ppl. I hope to be back here real soon and thanks all for whomever that is a silent supporter or reader or whatever you may be towards my blog. Happy New Year 2009 and Merry Christmas in advance! :)