Saturday, January 31, 2009

Attending my colleague's Wedding in Singapore

It's been my first time attending to an Indian wedding frankly and I was pretty excited about it since it's also a good opportunity to re-visit Singapore again as I do missed the place quite much..I remembered my last time was really captivating especially the beach ...and the air..hehe..we stayed in the cheapest Hotel along Baleister Road and could you believe it that it only takes us about 5 minutes by cab or bus or MRT to reach my fren's wedding which was at Khalsa Association in Singapore....The hotel location was really strategic and convenient since it's more or less accessible within the town vicinity..and furthermore I was deeply impressed with the Public transportation ..unlike Malaysia..I wish we could have a better infrastructure in terms of this where we don't have to rely on scarcely seen or available cabs or buses to take us to even the nearest spot which is commonly swamp with people from anywhere.. Imagine I was so happen taking a bus from one of the various bus stops in Singapore and was amazed to notice that they even had a board stating the duration of the next bus availability at that particular bus stop! Wow..I was speechless at that point of time in fact.

You don't have to worry about having more damaged skin under the hot scorching sun as everything was built underground especially if you are relying on their MRT which basically readily covered every single neccesity route in and out of town area. Our LRT versus MRT are basically the same as both uses Computer to control but the biggest shortcomings for Mys is that it fails to accomodate some remote places such as Subang, Shah Alam, Puchong and even in some areas in KL! Anyway, I had such a wonderful time strolling along the Singapore Clarke Quay where you are about to witness magical scene of floating boats and restaurants along the river and all the colourful lights litted up beautifully whilst making the whole place come out alive in darkness. I went here on my last night before I departed back to KL and thank god that I did not miss this at all. Sentosa Island was just as sweet and refreshing as an eye opener. We took the cable car which took us hanging up in the middle of the Island above where I could mesmerize and capture every single scene for some time to last I believe... Everything was so good except for one weakness in Singapore for when it comes to a place known for heaven in food. There is less variety and taste wise was below average.. I went for a shopping spree on my first day upon arrival covering almost all the main city area such as raffles city, Orchard Road, Bugis Centre ...It was damn tiring and due to over walking, I suffered feet sores and during my way back, I could hardly walk straight anymore...hahaha..:D Please do have a good view on some of the pictures I;ve taken along the way..trying my best to get the best snap out of a normal camera of mine sadly..:(

Thursday, January 29, 2009

4th Day of CNY dinner gathering at King Crab Restaurant, Damansara

It's fourth day of CNY and I've been taking a long week break since last weekend and I spent most of my time idling and behaving like a potato couch in front of the TV munching on cookies, oranges, Dried Meat watching loads of DVD's and following almost every CNY shows aired on TV channels..haha..I know it sounded quite pathetic but this year I decided to spend a quiet time to relax and to be the laziest person on earth since I don't think I ever get such chances that often considering that I'm working in such an 'extraordinary' environment which don't have normal shifts like most people do...:P . That's actually part of the reason why , but also because most of my friends are not local, therefore they won't be around during CNY as most would be busy celebrating their festive mood back in their hometown. But as quiet and boring as it seems to some, I do really enjoyed my CNY holiday. What about yours? The restaurant that we went was in fact not our first visit but probably the second! I remembered our first time was specifically aimed at trying out their so called famous hairy crab which are also known as "super costly" just like eating a piece of gold bar..:P But we ended up not having any hairy crabs but just taking a good view at these crabs displayed proudly in front in different aquarium tanks. hahaha. Even our 4th CNY dinner "Lou Sang" doesnt even have any crab dish in since we choosed the package promotions. Believe me, the food taste and quality was really superb and fantastic and frankly really an eye opener . Price wise was not that far off from being term as "expensive" too. So, I am definitely sure this won;t be my last time here....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho! Chrstmas and Snowman Brilliant Art

Talking about Christmas tree..In fact here's just one shot that I've previously taken in our office upon christmas time approaching...I was indeed impressed with my few colleague mates whom dedicated their time and effort , brainstorming together for ideas and creativity to come up with such a wonderful piece of work! Bravo and Kudos to you guys. They stayed up late in the wee hours of the morning, started off from scratch with the snowman. It was made up with shreds of newspapers crushed up to form 2 round shapes - One for the head and body, holding it in place with lots of cellophene tapes and masking to ensure that the shape does not fall off. That's just the internal frame of the for the external part, they used up layers after layers of white cotton wool to stick on it with glue. The snowman little fingers were made of wooden chopsticks from our pantry! hahaha. As for the mini black hat , eyes and buttons were made from black coloured paper and whiteboard for backing. The christmas tree was definitely using the snow white theme with green leaves and droplets of snows from the white cotton wool. How brilliant isnt it? :D The colourful lights which was litted up in between the leaves left me mesmerizing the beauty of human made art! :D We even did have some gift exchange during christmas among colleagues - The suprises and thrills really indeed changed the entire working mood from boredom to excitement during that period. It's unforgettable. The picture taken with me, is my good working buddy and that's my gift for her..erm I didnt have one yet bcos the mysterious person who is supposed to buy me christmas gift had not prepared any yet..:-( Poor me.

Note: The actual date when this happened was not in January. All postings does not reflect real date since January 09. Sorry for this as I was really hectic with stuffs earlier.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dinner at Restaurant Dynasty Dragon, Summit USJ

Well....this place was so happened stumbled upon by my sister's bf on some newspapers/articles and that they are having some CNY promotions to attract it's customers and part of it's new opening of the place I guess..Initially we really wanted to take the promotion sent of rm 398 for a 10 course meal with stuffs like sea cucumber, abalone, tiger prawns, Shark Fins as part of the dishes listed down and obviously it seems too good to be true eh? ;P Anyway, we could not since it's just 6 of us - short of 4 person which won't be worth it anymore. Oh yeah, well the reason being of our visit here was to try out new place and secondly it's a course of celebration since my dad just got his bonus/increment at the right time around CNY!! :D hehehe... Dishes that we ordered were Patin Fish steamed with ginger (They called it Teochew style), Butter fried prawns, vegetables, Pork Ribs with Ginkyo Nuts, Roasted pork and Char Siew..Overall the food really indeed fall off our least expectation for this so called class restaurant in hotel somemore. The service is fine..but the food taste were really less than average as it's dull. Nothing to shout upon - it wont make you jump off your seat with the "wow", "yummy" slurp reaction which makes you crave for more after first helping. The worst was with the Patin steamed fish. I was very eager with the Fish dish and couldnt help but being the first to try it when it was served. The first scoop and taste in my mouth almost made me puke due to the muddy stench - smell of fresh water fish in muddy water. It's too much that it is almost unbearable frankly. We just couldnt start with for that dish and decided to inform the chief waitress about it if there is a possibility that they could change it or else cook a different style or something...... well, u know what? it turns out that the fish was indeed in not an exactly "tip top" condition where it is fresh. Hence whichever way it is cooked, will have the same result. hahaha. I was shocked and speechless. Don't know what to say about this place..well, let's just say never try , never know. I don't think we will re-visit here again due to the bad experience. My dad was grumbling all the way back home for such a ruined and unpleasant meal for his treat. haha.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Old Time Favourite - Cinnabon Rolls

Yummyy yum....I happened to walked past the usual stalls along the pathways of shopping complexes and instantly my eyes were looking at this and I started looking back at those older times when I was so used to buying these and munch as snacks. I especially love the original flavour - The strong cinnamon scent which just made me think that I was actually at the countryside home..waking up in the early morning smelling the freshly baked gingerbread with cinnamon toast together with a cup of tea for breakfast. . . It's such a wonderful feeling......But he doesnt like it that much saying it has too strong smell of cinnamon which to him appeared to be odd. :P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Food, food, food galore at Restaurant Saisaki, Japanese Buffet style at One Utama

Pheww...I could still recalled my experience eating out at this japanese restaurant which serves buffet luncheon for was some of the quite famous and most talk about food spot among food bloggers and food lovers, and I would have certainly believe that this name surely does ring a bell to almost all the youngsters who frequently patronise this restaurant. It has several branches , one in One Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Wisma UOA, KL and perhaps many more outlets coming up soon as it's really doing good in it's business. There were so many customers seated at the table including the old. It has nice ambience, quiet and peaceful environment for you to enjoy while savouring their Localised food originated from Japan. They even hung up pictures against the wall during the Japanese colony and the antique drawings and paintings really enthrilled me with curiosity of the Japanese tradition and I was starting to imagine thingss....haha. If you wish to call for their steamboat style, you will be given a mini steamboat stove with gas for the preparation. Believe's like a huge eating episode for this one visit..I couldnt almost cover all the servings laid on a long table right in the centre of the area for you to serve yourself and help yourself with the food. It's like few rows of table laid on with wide selection of varieties ranging from Lamb stew, Lamb Shank, cod fish soup, mutton soup, teppanyaki style ranges, Fried Tempura, Salmon fish, sushiesss, raw stuffs like their giant oysters , snails , prawns, lobsters, abalone /seabass and so many others which I think frankly It's absurd for me to be remembering every single dishes and what they are called as me, I just eat what I've taken and dont bother knowing what names as it's just too manyy!! Here were just some of the picture shots I've taken during that time for your viewing..It's a nice place to dine out if you wanna try almost everything under the sun for Japanese food. It has amost anything at name it, you have it. Sometimes they may even have some promotion and discount to be given away do keep an eye for it as it's going to be more worth it that time. ;)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lunch at Dapur Nonya, Restaurant - Bandar Puteri Puchong

I guess these will only be some of the many postings which happened as of not as recent back to probably few months ago...So, I'm trying to recall back as far as I could still remember - hopefully my memory doesnt fail me. :P It's only this week period which I think I have some free time to spare writing again as i'm on a week off for CNY celebration! :) This restaurant was situated in Bandar Puteri, around the heart of Puteri town centre opposite the Giant supermarket. The food basically are just quite the usual common things other places served, nothing which mades me think it relates to Nonya cooking .. but if you are someone who enjoyed chillie, something to sting ur tastebud, you may wanna consider this restaurant. We ordered a couple of things like their Fried Oyster dipped in signature sambal, Tom Yam Fried Rice and Kuay Teow. Food taste overall not bad, tasty enough and the price was on slightly above average range.