Saturday, May 2, 2009

Food Tasting at Hotel Equatorial, KL

ahh..i know it's been months of dissapearance...lots of pictures which ive clogged up in my camera which hardly have time to download them even! I guess blogging is like a passing phrase now for me and it will be like using your time off if "only" you have any to this is what happened to me now exactly...:( Since today is the only time I seriously gotta do some spring cleaning to the files in my camera, I tought why not just write and post up some bits...hahaha..will try to keep it fast I had so much housework to do and clothes ironing and I can tell u it is such a hyper busy weekend for me and thank god I'm also off on Labour's Day which usually I dont get any days off on Public Holidays... Ok, the food tasting is really great and imagine it's such memorable environment with first class treatment by their friendly and professional staffs and even the chef came out as an introduction and for us to give comments and suggest for any improvements on the food and presentation later on. Fantastic huh? :P Anyways, it is my sister who is getting married there ..hehe:P I'm just one who can never be more happy to lay my eyes and appetite on the sumptuous wholly great food in such a posh hotel. Here's the food, food oh food..just the pictures alone is so mouth watering already isnt it? Enjoy.