Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Food and Tea Restaurant

Apart from eating at hawker stalls in Ipoh, I've also tried out restaurants in shopping complexes and been to this place which looks a bit like those Wong Kok style where the serve a variety ranging from noodles to rice and dessert. It has a nice and comfy interior which is not too noisy and just best suited for dining.Yum yum...Ok, here are the pictures for your viewing. I love their wantan - with lots of meat fillings and it's huge. The soup base doesn't contain too much of MSG and artificial flavourings as I believe it is boiled with chicken stock . They even have western menu and we ordered their pizzas..miniature ones anyway..but with lots of cheese toppings and super thin crusts at all sides..even thinner than the Dominos. haha..But it's really good and bet they came up with their own recipes and invention..:P The sambal..oh my...spicy and hot but still I love it so much..haha. It just goes perfectly well with about anything and added up spice and appetizers to the dishes..I dipped them in wantan, pizza's and even my own plate of fried noodle..haha. :D

Slurpy yummy deicious Dim Sum in Ipoh

Wah..I can never forget how good it has tasted having to try out these dim sum in Ipoh..It's really quite different here compared to KL ..it's more in variety and tastier!! haha..price wise its more or less quite close. This place was said to be very popular in Ipoh and given anytime of the day, it's always fully packed with people ..especially early hours of the morning and you are talking about 6-7 am!!! haha...Ipoh folks are just used to sleeping by the time the clock hits 10pm..wow. Whenever I visit Ipoh, the very one thing which I definitely will not miss is the "Kopi Peng" ..haha..It's somehow or rather different even when you drink it here in Old Town Kopitiam or even those available in Packing. Anyway, say no more but happy viewing on these mouth watering delicacies. :P

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Food food food!!

Recently been attending lots of wedding occasions in Ipoh amost every month forthe past three months..haha..anyway, my pictures are basically uploaded in Facebook nowadays..except for food ..I'm reserving the space right here!!! :D these restaurants in Ipoh have suprisingly nicee food and worth the price you pay actually..unlike in KL. So let's view these sumptuous and mouth watering dishes and drool! ahh..I've been like eating like a pig due to these temptations..:(