Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slurpy yummy deicious Dim Sum in Ipoh

Wah..I can never forget how good it has tasted having to try out these dim sum in Ipoh..It's really quite different here compared to KL ..it's more in variety and tastier!! haha..price wise its more or less quite close. This place was said to be very popular in Ipoh and given anytime of the day, it's always fully packed with people ..especially early hours of the morning and you are talking about 6-7 am!!! haha...Ipoh folks are just used to sleeping by the time the clock hits 10pm..wow. Whenever I visit Ipoh, the very one thing which I definitely will not miss is the "Kopi Peng" ..haha..It's somehow or rather different even when you drink it here in Old Town Kopitiam or even those available in Packing. Anyway, say no more but happy viewing on these mouth watering delicacies. :P